Best time to see gorillas Rwanda

Best time to see gorillas in Rwanda

What is the best time to see gorillas in Volcanoes national park Rwanda? Rwanda is located in East Africa bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, done here is gorilla trekking even though there are so many others. The best time to see these animals sharing almost 99% of their DNA with human beings can be seen below. and Congo. The called is called Switzerland of Africa because of its landscape. The most activity Remember the least age to trek gorillas is 15 years.

High season or dry season: June to September. This is the season with the most number of visitors it’s the peak season and longest dry season in the country. This season is considered to be the best time to see gorillas in Rwanda. Visitors want this season but gorilla permits sell out due to high demand. You should book your gorilla permits in advance as early as 6 months earlier to avoid inconveniences.

Advantages of trekking gorillas in the dry season or high season

  • Dry forest grounds hence easy trekking
  • Clear and better photography
  • Gorillas are easily found because of the move on low attitude


  • Crowding because of many travelers
  • Limited gorilla permits
  • Limited accommodation
  • Dusty road because of drought

Low season or wet/ rainy season: This is in November, March, April, and May. This period is rainy and muddy. There are chances of heavy rainfall which might spoil your trip even though gorillas are highly and easily seen this period because they move away from high mountain temperatures to low slopes of the mountain

Advantages of trekking gorillas in low season or wet/ rainy season

  • Fewer crowds in the jungle
  • Cheap accommodation
  • Discount on transport
  • Availability of enough gorilla permits
  • Cheap friendly services

Disadvantages of trekking gorillas in the rainy season

  • Slippery and muddy roads
  • Dull photography

Gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda cost $1500. The price never changes whether it’s low or high season. Tourists visiting the mountain gorillas in the rainy season are advised to come with waterproof hiking boots, garden gloves, cotton clothing mention but a few while visitors coming in high season are advised to come with sunglasses and binoculars for bird lovers

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