game drives in Murchison Falls National park

Game watching adventures in Murchison falls National Park

Yes, the game drives in Murchison Falls National park provides visitors with an opportunity to explore that occupants of the national park. The occupants of the National Park I mean the wildlife. These game watching safaris offers the visitors an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful animal species by coming close to them. With game watching safaris in Murchison Falls National park, you will be able to enjoy the over 75 mammals species found with the Murchison Falls National park and over 451 species of birds that can be seen as well within this largest national park in Uganda.

The game watching safaris in Murchison Falls National park will lead to enjoy various wilderness at close range and these include the buffaloes, giraffes, lions, leopards, antelopes, hartebeest, warthog, bush bucks among other species. These wild animals can be seen grazing in the savannah grasslands while others will be spotted hunting other and this makes the safari so amazing.

For all those interested in Murchison Falls National Park, will have to travel to the northern part of Uganda where this magical park is clearly found.   About 5 hours’ drive will lead you to the park covering 3840 Kilometers squared of land staring your road trip from the Uganda capital city Kampala.

Murchison Falls National park offers the best opportunity to most the big 4 animals which include elephants, buffaloes, lions and leopards. Visitors will also get a chance to enjoy the another big five animals in in the wild called the rhino on their way to Murchison Falls National park and this will make them fully complete the full package for the big 5 animals in Uganda.  Here you will need to pass through the ziwa rhino sanctuary as you’re driving to Murchison Falls National Park and it is where you will get a chance to sport the rhinos.

Can game watching safaris be done anywhere in Murchison falls National Park?

Yes, every comer of Murchison Falls National park is so interesting for carrying point the game drive safaris because all the interesting features as well as the attractions distributed throughout the park. However, the northern side of the park has proven best place where you can go and do the game drive safaris in Murchison Falls National park. The Northern bank of the lake features a lot of wildlife animals as compared to the southern banks of the park. the game watching safaris in Murchison Falls National park are done following the well-established trucks or channels that you will use to access the wildness to come close to the animals. The prominent tracks that are used by most of the visitor while on the game watching mission include the Buligi tracks, Victoria track, the Albert track and these give you the best rewarding safari experience.

The most used track in the national park is known as the Buligi track which offers the stunning wildlife experience to the visitors. Some of the other animals are concentrated in areas around the Nyamasika Cliffs and here you will enjoy several herds of buffaloes and elephants and other species of birds which is so interesting.

What is the best time for game viewing in Murchison falls National Park?

Game drives in Murchison Falls National park can be done all the way through and any time of the day. You will get excited with the views of the animals chasing each other especially the predators running after their prey. This is possible all the time however, the dry season is deemed perfect for the visitors to move to the park for the game watching safaris.  The dry season is characterized by the short grass, and dry channels which makes it easy for you to engage game drive experience.

Types of game drives conducted in Murchison falls National Park

Both morning and evening game drives are conducted in Murchison Falls National park with the Morning game drive and the evening game drives. The morning game drive starts early in the morning at 6:00am and last for about 3 to 4 hours. While the evening game drives commence at around 4:00pm and visitor can decide to spend the whole day in the wildness. The northern bank favors all these types of game drives because of the short grass and open savannah that favors better sporting of the animals in the wild by the tourists.

The Southern part of the Murchison Falls National park also favors the fantastic game drives however for its it is characterized bush and forest still that provide wonderful spots for the animals in their natural wildness.

Other than the game watching safaris in Murchison Falls National park, the park also features other wonderful species which include Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest, bird watching safaris, boat cruise, hot air balloon safaris among other safari activities.