Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking

Getting to Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking

Volcanoes Park is best accessible park among the four Gorilla park that we’ve in East Africa. Volcanoes Park is found in Uganda just a couple of kilometers faraway from Rwanda capital city Kigali. You’ll need only two hours to drive from Kigali to access the volcanoes park by the road trip.

In case you’re planning your adventure to Rwanda you’ll got to get extra prepared and book the wonderful and fantastic lodges whether in Kigali city or round the Volcanoes National Park. The selection of the lodge depends on the traveler’s preferences and most likely the budget of the travelers. Remember that it’s the accommodation facility that determines the general expenditure of the entire trips. Just in case you opt to spend an evening in Kigali city, you’ll got to awaken early and confirm that you simply get to Kinigi where the volcanoes park is found for the gorilla trekking safaris.

From Kigali city, you got to hire the private means of transport to take you to the park. There is also an option for the visitors to use the general public transport system which will take you to Musanze town then you discover the private means to attach you to the park headquarters. It’s good to arrange and book your Volcanoes Notational Park safari with the local tourism operator. Rwanda is that the only country where you will do the gorillas of an equivalent day unlike other countries like Uganda where you will only need quite two days to ascertain the gorillas.

When we talk about Volcanoes park, we mean the park that’s mostly visited any the tourist in Rwanda. it’s the foremost popular destination in Rwanda and it’s the house for the endangered mountain gorillas and other primate including the Golden monkeys and these provide the wonderful memories to the visitors who wish to explore the rare primates of the Rwanda.

How to access Volcanoes National Park?

Volcanoes National park lies in the north western Rwanda bordering Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The Volcanoes National Park borders other gorilla parks of Virunga Park which lies in Democratic Republic and therefore the Mgahinga Gorilla park. The park features a number of the volcanoes within the park also because the bamboo forests. Volcanoes is that the one among the premium national parks in Rwanda and it started as small area which was comprised of bisoke, Mikeno and Karisimbi and this was wiped out order to regulate parching and protect the endangered mountain gorillas and since of its gazettement during this year, Volcanoes park has become one among the oldest national parks that Africa is pride of.

While getting to Rwanda and usually coming in Africa, it’s a requirement visit to tour the volcanoes park due to its uniqueness and therefore the wildlife that the park contains. The park provides the reading experiences with hiking to the several volcanoes found with the park, hiking to the tomb of the Diane Fossey who was murdered, tracking the rare golden monkey’s et al. Most significantly, gorilla tracking is that the most done activity and therefore the reason on why most of the visitors do move to Volcanoes park.

About 1068 engendered gorilla are left within the planet and since of those, they have adequate protection and conservation thus the visitors need to come and see the gorilla responsively without causing any harm. There are about eleven gorilla families that are well habituated and open for tourism in Volcanoes National Park. Each gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda costs $1500 per day and every gorilla family is visited by a gaggle of 8 people. You’ll also engage in golden monkey tracking which costs $100 per persons. Volcanoes Park when you’re extra prepared

You can also engage in hiking or hiking in Volcanoes Park a number of the mountains include the mountain Bisoke, Karisimbi, that provides visitors with the simplest hiking adventure experiences. Even in Volcano trekking, you’ll also engage in bike riding and other activities that include the character guided safari walks. By taking a nature walk, you’ll be ready to move and luxuriate in the dual lakes of Ruhondo and Burera including the walking safari to Ibyiwacu Cultural Villages and luxuriate in the wonderful views of the area people and this is often very interesting.

There are numerous activities in Volcanoes National park and these include gorilla trekking which is that the main activity that’s done within the Rwanda. Over 9 gorilla habituated families are available in volcanoes National Park and visitors will need to get $1500 per day which is provided by the Rwanda Development Board.

Visitors also can do the golden monkey tracking with the permit costing $100. Other activities here include volcano climbing, bird watching safaris, hiking to the dual lakes, and therefore the cultural village exploration among others.
In conclusion therefore, Volcanoes National Park is definitely accessible and visitors can access it so easily which is so interesting and wonderful for any interested travelers of Volcanoes National Park.