Gorilla Habituation Experience

Gorilla habituation takes place in Bwindi impenetrable national park which is located in south-western Uganda at the junction of the plain and mountain forest and the experience is so interesting because one gets to speed time with the Gorillas compared to the one hour of Gorilla trekking.

The permits for the Gorilla Habitation costs $1500 and the Gorilla trekking permit is $700.The experience consumes a lot of time for about 4 hours spending with the Gorilla family in their wildlife.

Only four people are allowed a day and only a group under goes the habituation process and this habituation process was started in 2016. during the process one gets to spend time with the endangered forest giants, be close to them despite being with the rangers, Researchers.

There is a similarity between Gorilla habitation experience and Gorilla trekking where tourists are given rules and guidelines to follow where trekking and also during the experience time, wear protective cloths, boats, bottled water, rangers among others.

The experience is done in Rushaga which can only be accessed in Uganda but can be accessed via Rwanda but taking 4 hours’ drive to reach where the Gorilla families are.

The experience can be done in the months of September- December through March with limited permits and enough time to spend with the Gorilla family. The permits are always booked 3 months ahead of the travel date.

There is availability of accommodation for the tourists who come to undergo the experience with the endangered gorilla families.