How to access Kibale Fores, National Park uganda

How to access Kibale Forest National Park?

How to access Kibale Forest National Park? You can get to the park through road and air transport for park activities. Most of the visitors to Kibale forest national park have gone there because of the presence of well-habituated chimpanzees. The activity of chimpanzee tracking is popular in Kibale forest National Park and has been done in this park for the last 30 years. Chimpanzee tracking involves tourists accompanied by the guide walks via the forest to look for the habituated chimpanzee group. There are over 1400 habituated chimpanzee individuals that can be seen in Kibale forests and this makes the chances of seeing chimpanzees high.

Travelers can take about 5 to 6 hours to drive from Kampala to Kibale forest national park by using Kampala-Bubende – Fortportal road well tarmacked.  From Fortportal, you will drive for about 36 kilometers on murram road to reach Kanyanchu visitor information center in Kibale National park and means that approximately it is 337 kilometers distance from Kampala to Kibale National Park.  You can as well access the southern part of the park, by using  Kampala- Mbarara-Ibanda -Kamwenge route. The northern route via Fort portal is shorter according to different tourist reviews however all the routers are rewarding with different places of interest such as plantation farms of tea, bananas among others. Public transport is also available from Kampala to Kamwengye via Mbarara or Kampala Fortportal via Mubende however, we recommend that you book and use a licensed local tour operator for this purpose.

How to access Kibale Forest National Park by air transport? The park can also be accessed using domestic chartered flights from Entebbe international airport OR Kajjansi airfield to various fields linking to Kibale National park. You can fly from Entebbe to Nyakisarara airstrip in Mbarara which is 98 kilometers away from Kibale national park or take a chartered flight to Kasese airfield which is only 78 kilometers from Fort portal town. Kibale Forest National Park is open and can be visited throughout the year especially during the dry season which usually occurs from December to February and June to September.