access Kidepo Valley National park

How to access Kidepo Valley National park?

How to access Kidepo Valley National park? As earlier noted, Kidepo valley national parks is traced in the northeastern part of Uganda with undisputable and magnificent wildlife species. Travelers who wish to visit this glorious national park can access it by using mainly two means of transport that is the road and air transport.

How to access Kidepo Valley National park by Road transport

This is the commonest way used by most travelers to access Kidepo valley National park especially ones who cannot afford chartered flights. Travelers can decide to self-drive or use public means of transport though it might not be convenient as compared to when you get your private means. There are several road routes that travelers use to access Kidepo Valley National Park and these include;

Traveling to Kidepo Valley National Park using northwestern

it is one of the easiest routes in term of driving distance, time, and the conditions of transit routes to access Kidepo valley national park. Here you will drive from Kampala to Karuma, then lira, Kotido, and finally in Kabongo where Kidepo National Park is located.  This is a 705-kilometer journey that will take almost twelve hours. This route has several interesting stopover points such as the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to encounter white rhinos, You can decide to have a night in the culturally diversified town Kitido then you proceed to Kidepo Valley National Park.

You can as well drive from Kampala then connect to Kitgum town via Gulu city to Kidepo Valley National Park. This is the shortest as it is 571-kilometer distance and you can spend an estimate of just ten hours on this route. You can as well make a stopover at Murchison falls national park, tour the Karuma Bridge and falls, and connect the following day and Ziwa Rhino sanctuary.

Accessing Kidepo Valley National park via the Eastern route

With this route, you will drive from Kampala city to Jinja city, then Mbale city, Nakapiripirit, Moroto then to Kotido link to Kaabong, and finally connect o Kidepo national park headquarters.  Still, this route is estimated to be a 12-hour drive and cover a distance of about 740 kilometers. Due to different attractions on this route, you can take a short tour at Ssezibwa falls, Mabira rainforest reserve, the source of the river Nile, Sipi falls, have your lovely night in Kotido, and the access Kidepo the next day. So there is no need to complain that it’s too far as you can enjoy a lot on your way making the journey shorter.

You can as well drive from Kampala using the eastern route to Mbale city Soroti. Kotido and Kaabong then link up to the park headquarters. This is the longest eastern route as you will cover over 792 kilometers on the way and it is about thirteen hours’ drive when using this route to access Kidepo Valley National park.

How to access Kidepo Valley National park by Air? 

Kidepo valley national park in northeastern Uganda can also be accessed by the use of air transport. This type of transport is not tiresome and it is very easy and fast to access the park using this type of transport. Different companies in Uganda are operating a domestic chartered flight to Kidepo valley national Park.

Aerolink Uganda is the best company conducting scheduled flights to Kidepo. Flights are from Entebbe or Kajjansi airfield to the park and they are usually done on Wednesday and Sunday. The prices are not as expensive as you may imagine considering the long distance from Kampala to Kidepo National park. So, if you would want to fly, you have to let us know in advance and we arrange for you. You can access Kidepo valley National park to engage in charming activities that the park provides. You take a Ugandan safari to Kidepo valley national park and the happiness in the wilderness