How to access Lake Mburo National Park

How to access Lake Mburo National Park?

How to access Lake Mburo National Park? In most cases travelers get the park by road transport. You will have to drive 228kilometers from Kampala city to Lake Mburo National Park which will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes.  The time spent on the way will depend on whether you have made some stopovers or the speed you are using. Remember that the recommended speed in Uganda is 80km/hr. most of the tourists prefer stopping at the equator line at Kayabwe for photos and making some souvenir purchases at different craft shops surrounding the equator line.

Lake Mburo National park can be accessed using 2 gates by travelers coming from Kampala or Mbarara.  Driving from Mbarara, the first stage encountered is Shanga located in Shanga trading center and then after Shanga gate, the next one is Nshara gate. From both gates, you will drive for about 2 to 3 kilometers to reach Lake Mburo National Park Headquarters at Rwonyo. As you’re driving from Kampala city on Kampala-Mbarara highway after covering about 211 kilometers, you will notice a signpost on your left-hand side directing you to Nshara Gate of Lake Mburo National Park.

How to access Lake Mburo National Park by public means? You also use public transport services that are available in form of buses and taxis. You can board a bus from Kampala to Shanga town and then board abode Boda or a special hire to take you to any of your booked accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park. It is recommended that you use a four-wheel-drive car since the road linking Lake Mburo National Park from Shanga is not tarmac and it tends to be slippery and muddy during the rainy season.

At the moment there no scheduled domestic flights for tourists to Lake Mburo National Park. But on a private basis, privates charter can be arranged via Airolink or fly Uganda the only companies operating domestic flights. Remember that tourists do fly Uganda visa Entebbe international airport which is about 37 kilometers away from Kampala capital city.

Lake Mburo National park acts as a stopover for many tourists traveling to a different park in the west and southwestern Uganda because of its accessibility and being strategically located.