How to access Semuliki National park

How to access Semuliki National park?

How to access Semuliki National park? Travelers can get to the park using road and air transport for a number of park activities such as birding, hiking nd nature walks and chimpanzee trekking.

How to access Semuliki National park By road. Several road routes are leading to the Semuliki national park .visitors can use either private cars or public transport.  There different bus companies that operate from Kampala to Kasese or Fort portal town. Some of the bus companies include link bus, baby coach among others. Using public means of transports, you will not directly access the park but you will need to hire a private car or a bodaboda to link to the park gate from the buses gestated stages. We recommend that you use private means of transport which more convenient. The road routes you can use to access the park include;

Kampala-Mubende -Fortportal high way: This is the best route and shorter route for visitors to use to access Semuliki National Park. This journey takes about five hours and it covers about 180 kilometers to reach Fortportal city.  The Journey is full of areas of interest such as rolling hills, Fortportal tea plantations, and views of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Kampala-Masaka, Mbarara Kasese-Fortportal route. This is the longer route whereby visitors will travel for about 465 kilometers. Although it’s long, visitors can make several stopovers to various national parks such as Lake Mburo, Kyambura wildlife reserve, Queen Elizabeth national park as well as Ruwenzori mountains. After reaching Fortportal city, you will be able to travel for about 2 to 3 hours on a murram road to Sempaya gate. Nandi Semuliki Park headquarters is only kilometers away from Sempaya gate.  A four-wheel car drive is very efficient when it comes to drives to Semuliki National Park. This car is good at navigating via the mud and slippery when it rains.

How to access Semuliki National park By air transport: Semuliki National park can also be reached by use of air transport which is operated by domestic flights from Kajjansi airfield and Entebbe international airport. The major companies include Aerolink and Fly Uganda. Flights can land at Kasese airfield and connect to the park.