Is it safe to Visit Uganda

Is it safe to Visit Uganda?

Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa located in Eastern Africa and it is prominent tourism destination that is capable of attracting several travelers worldwide to come and visit the country and get the experience in different destination within the country. Uganda is one of the safest destination to travel to and much more affordable. There are different characteristics that have made Uganda safari unique and these include the friendly and welcoming people and it can be described as the one of the beautiful, friendliest countries that you ever wish to visit.

Uganda government has invested much in keeping peace and security to ensure that all the visitors are safe when visiting Uganda on your safari destination.  The security in Uganda is manned by the combined efforts of Uganda People Defense force, and the Uganda Police Force. Also there are other special security agencies that are responsible for protecting tourists. For example the Uganda Wildlife Authority has got rangers who work together with tourism police, Uganda people’s defense force. All these work together to ensure that the visitors coming to Uganda are safe. In the protected areas in Uganda, the security personnel keep on moving day and night as they lookout for the poachers and the possible intruders for any suspected criminals and to ensure that the visitors visiting the conservation areas are safe and provide the conducive environment.

However, it is also responsible that the travelers also make efforts to protect his or her own security and therefore you should make sure that you follow the guidelines given to you by your safari travel guide.  You will be led by the guide on Uganda safari and most of the guides will be armed who will escort you in the wildness.

Most of the visitors will be led by the guide and then the armed ranger guide from behind and all these are done to ensure that you enjoy the best safaris ever and this is very interesting for you to come and enjoy the wonderful adventure safaris.  You don’t need to be left behind when in the wilderness as you searching for the endangered mountain gorillas or any other animals in the wildness.


Still, before you travel to Uganda or when planning for the safari to Uganda, make sure that you make a simple search on google about the safety and security of Uganda when you’re on the Ugandan safari. You can as well contact the different local tours operators especially the Vibrant Holiday Safaris and get the information about the security and safety of the Uganda.

It is also recommendable that you pay the travel insurance that is capable of covering your safety and security such that you can confidently enjoy the gorilla safari on Uganda vacation. Always follow the travel related stories and blogs about the information about the Uganda travel news peppers where you can get the travel related information.

Contacting and travelling with the local tours company is the one of the safest ways of visiting Uganda.  The local tourism operators will always ensure that you travel in well and comfortable tourism vehicle with well cleat and identified tour guided who have the tourism related experience. It’s also not good to travel alone at night especially outside your hotel since you can land into some of the criminals that might take away your belongings.

Better confirm the safari of your lodge or hotel where you’re going to sleep before you actually conform your safari travel to Uganda and this is also one of the ways of how you can ensure that you’re safe while on a safari. Accommodation is the part and an integrated experience which must be respected and safari since it contributes a lot to the travel and tourism experience as well.


It is also good to use the services of the hotel operator to organize for you the entire Uganda safari package. You should avoid booking the safari for yourself because this might not be safe. By doing this , you might pay highly to the lodges and high cost for the transportation  and this increases the risks and therefore it is recommended that you book your safari package through the trusted tourism operator which will book for you the exclusive tourism package that includes transport with vehicle and the English speaking guide, accommodation that is looking for you the best places where you can have  fantastic sleep, and other activities such as the park entrance fees,  the gorilla trekking permits among other services including the safety and security options.

I can say that all the ten National Parks of Uganda are safe and are managed and controlled by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and it has designed the ruled and regulations that all the visitors should follow and these are done to ensure that the life of both visitors and that of animals. These rules should be strictly followed buy all the stakeholders.

Visitors are not supposed to move alone while they are in the any of the Ugandan National Parks, in fact they must move with the guides that are accompanied by the armed ranger guide. You will also need to be in the park by 6:00pm since it is proven unsafe to traverse the park during the night. Most of the big cuts usually come out to the eat during the night and thus it’s not good to move at night.

Each activity done in the Uganda National park, there is appreciation for it for example while doing the boat cruise safaris, you are supposed to put on the life jacket before you set on for the boat cruise and this is very interesting.  Visitors are also supposed to make sure that they have the children attendant and also its good that the visitors try to find out the lodge that have the options for the children activities.

Meanwhile like any African country, there some protests that may arise in Uganda capital Kampala but these shouldn’t worry you as they don’t last for longer and they are always not volatile and therefore you shouldn’t worry about all these situations.

In conclusion therefore, you’re supposed to abide to the guidelines and regulations given to rule while on the Ugandan safari for you to make sure that you’re safety and security