Kalinzu Central Forest Chimpanzee Tracking

Kalinzu Central Forest Chimpanzee Tracking

One of the most wonderful and most magnificent central forest reserves in Uganda is the Karinzu Forest, which is found in close proximity to Queen Elizabeth National Park in the western part of the country. Other than being adjacent to the well-established medley of wonders that is Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Karizu Central Forest Reserve is also close to the Maramagambo forest, an area well known for chimpanzees and the largest concentration of bats in Maramagambo. The forest is also well known for having a number of wildlife species that have the potential to attract both domestic and international travelers and visitors. More than 379 species of primates can be easily found within the Karizu Central Forest Reserve, in addition to the 6 species of primate that call the Karinzu Central Forest home.

The six species of primates that inhabit the Kalinzu central forest reserve in western Uganda include the baboons, the red-tailed monkeys, the black and white colobus monkeys, and the chimpanzees. Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking is the major highlight of all the safaris heading to Kalinzu Forest. The forest is not only enjoyable in the morning, but it also entertains the visitors who are interested in enjoying the nightlife in the forest. Some of the night Kalinzu forest critters include, among others, pottos, bush babies, and galagoes. A very good arrangement with the Vibrant Holiday Safari will allow you to enjoy and see these great and wonderful structures within the forest. We have had visitors who are interested in research about the butterflies, and it has been proven that Karizu Central Forest Reserve in Uganda has got the highest number of butterflies of any forest in the country, with more than 261 species of butterflies found in this forest. The other inhabitants of the forest include the moths, the plant life, and the strategic location of the forest close to Queen Elizabeth National Park. This has allowed visitors to spot various animals in the forest that sometimes visit the forest, and these include leopards, buffaloes, lions, wild pigs, and forest hogs, among others.

Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking is the best activity and the most well-known attraction carried out in the forest. This is the major reason why visitors come to visit the Kalinzu Forest Reserve. And in Africa, chimpanzees are one of the great apes that Africa is proud of. Chimpanzees are not found in more than twenty-one countries, and this is also based on research proving that if they are not well conserved, chimpanzees will become endangered in about ten African countries in ten years to come. Uganda is indeed very blessed with more than 5000 individual chimpanzees that can be seen and sighted in various destinations in Uganda, and this is considered a success in regard to the high number of chimpanzees that the country does indeed possess.

Are humans and chimpanzees related ?

The Ugandan chimpanzees, and chimpanzees in general, are very fascinating animals. The chimpanzees behave as if they are humans only that for them, they stay within the wildness. Factually, humans share 98% of their DNA with other human beings. In terms of reproduction, chimps give birth every five years, stay with their young for about 12 years, and live in large groups or communities, each with their own language. They are very good and intelligent, especially when it comes to hunting, having small amounts of money, and interacting with other primates.

What is the status of chimpanzee habitats in Africa?

Chimpanzees are increasingly losing their habitats in most African countries. This is because their natural homes, in the form of forests, have been increasingly degraded by human settlement, deforestation, and the increased population of the people who have increased the demand for agricultural land, hence leading to the habitat loss of chimpanzees. This has been seen as a serious threat to the lives of chimpanzees on the whole of the African continent.

 In Uganda, several habitats of chimpanzees, including the chimpanzees themselves, were lost as a result of the increased snares that were laid into the forest by poachers. However, the credit goes to the government of Uganda because, although much has been done to ensure that Uganda restores its chimpanzee glory, the work has worked closely with the conservation agencies such as the chimpanzee sanctuaries, especially the one found on the Ngamba island, to ensure that the disabled or resurrected chimpanzees are well protected and rehabilitated.

Further, different measures and increased protection have been given to all the major national parks and the wildlife reserve in Uganda, where the chimpanzees are found, and this has seen Uganda report the highest chimpanzee population in the whole of East Africa.

Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee Tracking experience

Chimpanzee tracking in Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve involves visitors following the established trails within the forest as they are being led by the ranger guide until they reach the place where the chimpanzees are, seeing them for one hour, and later trekking back to their starting point. Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking is not all that demanding, but you will need to possess some level of fitness to enable you to trek for approximately five hours. You need to be extra prepared because the Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking may involve you passing through the bush and muddy areas, but the topography will generally be flatter, not the steepness that is encountered during the gorilla tracking experience.

Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking remains the top safari activity that is done within the Kalinzu

Central Forest, and this is the activity that has attracted a lot of visitors from all corners of the world. Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking starts early in the morning with a briefing and, after the armed ranger guide, the guide will lead you into the forest. This is very much an interesting experience. The guides know better where the chimpanzee families are because they are always involved in the chimpanzee habituation process as they train the chimpanzees to get used to the tourists. Sometimes the chimpanzees might not know the entire group, but they know the guide, which is why it is necessary to move and travel with the g

Can you see Chimpanzees anytime on a Ugandan safari? Dry season or wet season

uide. Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking is done either in the morning or in the afternoon, and the morning shift of Karinzu Forest Chimpanzee tracking starts early at around 8:00 am, while the afternoon shift starts at around 3:00 pm. All the shifts are full of experience and you will get the most out of them.

Visitors converging for the chimpanzee tracking in Kalinzu forest will be divided into several groups, actually three groups after the briefing, and this will depend on the visitor’s fitness and pace. Thereafter, you will drive to the forest and start looking for the habituated chimpanzees. Some tackers would have departed considerably earlier to pinpoint the chimps’ exact location by this time. Along the way to finding the chimps, you’ll see baboons, blue monkeys, L’hoest monkeys, and red-tailed monkeys, as well as other forest critters, birds, and primates, including baboons, blue monkeys, L’hoest monkeys, and red-tailed monkeys. The head trackers speak with the guide over the phone, informing him or her of the chimps’ activities and whereabouts. Chimpanzees are highly mobile and spend a lot of time on the branches of trees. It takes some expertise and effort to spot them and photograph them.

Chances and the cost of seeing chimpanzees in Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve

I can assure you that once you have booked and purchased your chimp trekking permit in Kalinzu, your chances of seeing the chimps on your safari are greater than 95%, thanks to the lead rangers who already know where the chimps are, especially those who deal with the chimp habituation process. Those who are interested in chimpanzee tracking in Kalinzu Forest Reserve will have to pay $50, which is less than the cost of trekking chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park, which is $200. You can book your Kalinzu Chimpanzee tracking permits through a recognized tour operator or by directly booking them through the Kalinzu Forests Reception center. It is recommended that you book your chimpanzee trekking permits early enough in advance.

When to go for Kalinzu Forest chimpanzee tracking?

The best time to travel with chimps depends on the season. Chimps are more active in the morning because they are caring for and establishing their territory; in the early evening, the chimps relax in the shade under trees to protect themselves from the sun; and in the evening, the chimps relax in the shade under trees to protect themselves from the sun. However, visitors can travel and enjoy the Kalinzu chimpanzee tracking all year round because the forest reserve is open and the chimpanzees are permanent residents.

What other safari activities are available in the Kalinzu Central Forest?

The Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve is the destination that you can use to enjoy other tourist activities besides chimpanzee trekking. These include, among others, the nature walk safari activities to enjoy the best of the wilderness within the forest, interesting bird watching activities within the forest, and viewing of the large animals that sometimes come from Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Where to stay during Kalinxu forest chimpanzee tracking

At the moment, there are no eco-friendly and well-equipped lodges where you can stay in Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve. Some visitors can decide to come with their bedding, food, and tents, and you will have a place to erect them. There is a camping area that is close to the main Kalinzu forest offices at Nkombe with basic facilities, including the pit latrine and solar power, while water and firewood for the campfire will be well organized and brought for you. Some visitors may decide to stay in hotels around Queen Elizabeth National Park or in Bushenyi Town and move in the morning for the chimpanzee tracking. The Homeland hotel at Ishaka is the nearest hotel to the forest reserve. Booking with one of the several lodges in Queen Elizabeth, such as Engiri game lodge, Jacana Lodge, Katara Lodge, Mweya hostels, Mweya safari lodge, Park View Safari Lodge, and Queen Elizabeth PVT lodge, is the ideal alternative for those looking for a more pleasant trip.

Getting to Kalinzu for Kalinzu Forest Chimpanzee trekking

The Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve is around 375 kilometers from Kampala. It is ideally placed along the Mbarara-Kasese Highway, near the Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Ishaha region. In reality, the company’s headquarters were constructed in a location that would allow visitors to travel to and from Queen Elizabeth National Park. To reach Kalinzu forest for chimpanzee tracking from Kampala, take a bus to Butare from the main bus station. It takes 5 hours and costs roughly $4 to go from Kampala to the forest reserve offices. After stopping at Butare, take a cab or a Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi) to the visitor’s receiving center. Please come and book with Vibrant Holiday Safaris for the best Kalinzu central forest chimpanzee tracking experience.