animals in Kidepo valley national Park

Mammals found at Kidepo valley national Park

Mammals found at Kidepo valley national Park- The park is one of the unique destinations basically because of the concentration of mammal species. Accommodation facilities form part of the tourist’s integrated experience at the destination and are grouped into luxury, mid-range, and budget accommodation facilities. The choice of accommodation type depends on your budget. All the accommodation facilities are strategically located providing overlooks to the magnificence Kidepo Valley National Park. These are some of the accommodation facilities in and around Kidepo valley National park situated in the northeastern part of Uganda.

Kidepo Valley National Park boasts over 85 mammal species. of which 28 mammal species can only be found in only in Kidepo valley national park and not in any other park in Uganda.

Some of the mammal species in Kidepo valley national park withstand long dry conditions provided that the park experiences a semi-arid climate which is characterized by high climatic conditions.

Kidepo valley national park in Uganda is the only destination where you can best do your safari game drives and spot rare mammal species in Uganda such as cheaters, striped hyena, lesser Kudu, greater kudu, chandlers mountain reedbuck, African wild dog, aardwolf, and Klipspringer find only you.

The other common mammals in Kidepo valley national park include the African elephant, buffaloes, zebras, Jackson’s hartebeest, giraffes, lions, eland, Oribis, impalas, bat-eared fox, leopards, waterbucks among others. Tourists on game drive safaris in Kidepo Valley National park stand a better chance to see these mammals concentrated in larger numbers as compared to how they would be in other destinations in Uganda. The plains of Kidepo are flat with short grass that gives visitors a clear view of the animals either on a move or grazing.