Murchison falls national park is the oldest protected area in Uganda covering areas of 3840 square kilometers.  The park was first gazetted as game reserves known as Bunyoro and Gulu wildlife reserve in the years 1926. This wildlife reserve was later elevated into Uganda’s first national park in 1952.  The huge areas of Murchison fall national park ( 5072km2)  and Karuma and Bugungu wild live reserves are effectively managed together as Murchison falls protected areas.

This park is located in the northwestern part of Uganda spanning the districts of Buliisa, Kiryandongo, Masindi, and Nwoya. The park derives its name from Murchison Falls created by the mighty river Nile that explodes via 6 meters wide and falls 45 meters into the devil’s caldron creating a permanent rainbow shadow. As the result, the British explore sir Samuel Baker was astonished by the falls and described the falls the most important aspect of the whole park and later named it Murchison falls national park in the year 1864.

The park is dissected by the Victoria Nile which runs to the western direction for 80 kilometers, rolling over numerous rapids before forcing its ways to 6 narrow space in remnant cliffs.

The river just below the falls offers travelers with one of Uganda’s beautiful wildlife spectacles.  The permanent visitors of the Nile river banks include the Nile crocodiles, hippopotamuses, elephants, and giraffes, and buffaloes.

The park features savannah vegetation, woodland, and swamps. The park boasts some of the largest forest reserves such as Rabong, Kaniyo Pabidi with spectacular hardwood trees like mahogany and nice-looking ironwood tree species. The presence of forests has provided for primates such as white and blue monkeys, baboons, colobus monkeys among others.  Traveling to Murchison falls national park takes only 4 hours away from Uganda’s capital Kampala and due to various attractions, the park remains an excellent destination for Ugandan wildlife safaris.

Your safari in Murchison falls national park will create an unforgettable experience as it will provide you with an opportunity to view the spectacular waterfalls on your top as you’re in the Nile enjoying the boat cruise, see the wonders of the river Nile squeezing itself via the gorge and you enjoy sever aquatic species such as crocodiles and several bird species including fish eagles, cormorants, and pied kingfishers.

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