Rwanda national parks- Rwanda is a small landlocked county found in Central/East Africa. Often referred to as a “Land of a thousand hills”, Rwanda is blessed with some of the most amazing landscapes on earth. She is a country with numerous water bodies, Savannah plains, mountain and rare creatures like mountain gorillas. In 1994, the country had to endure one of the worst genocides in recent history in which about one million Tutsis were slaughtered by the majority Hutu in a period of only three months. Since then, the country has recovered admirably by uniting the people and working hard to create a peaceful atmosphere for development. Rwanda has one of the lowest levels of corruption in Africa. Women are highly empowered and occupy most of the sits in parliament. All this has been a result of the tireless effort of President Paul Kagame and his government. More recently the country has prioritized the restoration of the country’s wildlife, national parks and natural vegetation while also promoting her as a leading tourism destination in Africa.