gorilla trekking in Congo

The cost of gorilla trekking in Congo

This is one of the amazing questions that are frequently asked by the clients who are interested in trekking the gorillas in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the fact that this is one of the most frequently discussed topics by members of various forums. The cost of gorilla trekking in Congo must include the cost of the gorilla trekking permit in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, transportation costs, and lodging facilities or lodges. You are planning on going on the gorilla trekking safari, then you should bear in mind the cost of these items. Where possible, you should be able to pay these items before your arrival or on arrival, but it is good that you pay these items in advance, especially for the Congo Gorillas trekking safari.

The price of Congo transportation

In most cases, the Democratic Republic of Congo is a very large country, and in most cases, the visitors going to trek the gorillas in Congo are advised to flying to Kigali international airport and then driving for approximately four hours to arrive at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The transport cost here is about USD100 and it is good that you book with the tour operator.

The cost of lodges

The hotel facilities in Virunga National Park and Goma town are designed to accommodate three types of guests: budget travelers, midrange travelers, and luxury clients. Budget lodges are less expensive and provide mediocre bedding and amenities. They are self-contained and have nice beds as well as moderate toilets and bathrooms. The meals and drinks are also simple. Room service, television screens, swimming pools, and even airport transportation are all available at most hotels. These services, however, are not of good quality, and there is no guarantee that you will obtain them. Even if all of the services are available, you may notice a lack of attention to detail. The majority of low-cost hotels and resorts charge less than $100 per night.

The middle-class lodging facilities raise the bar on quality and charge reasonable rates ranging from $100 to $250. Their amenities and services are above average. The rooms are always self-contained and have a reading desk, phone service, a bar, and a restaurant. Local and international cuisines are available. Finally, there are the high-end hotels. These provide the greatest level of service and are aimed at clients who want to have the best experience possible when away from their luxury properties. In a luxury room, everything is in its place. The rooms are vast and feature a balcony, laundry facilities, an elegant bar, a restaurant, a conference room, an airport shuttle, a large swimming pool, a gym, large gardens, a spa and massage. Luxury hotels are always built on prime sites with stunning park views.

The cost of the gorilla trek in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The cheapest gorilla safari is at Virunga National Park. The cost of a gorilla permit is $450. When trying to compare this to the $1500 cost in Rwanda and the $700 charged in Uganda, this may appear to be exorbitant. You can only visit the park and see the gorillas if you have a gorilla permit. You must also include the costs of transportation, lodging, food, air tickets, tips, Visa fees, and souvenir purchases in your budget. Gorilla trekking costs in Congo vary depending on whether you are on a budget, mid-range, or premium tour.


Therefore, the cost of gorilla trekking in the Democratic Republic of Congo seems to be much cheaper as compared to gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda.