What to see in Kibale Forest National Park

What to see in Kibale Forest National Park?

What to see in Kibale Forest National Park? Alot of thigs can be seen on your visit to Kibale such as birds, trees, primates, crater lakes among others. You are advised to book your accommodation before travel to avoid disappointments. he accommodation facilities provided range from Camping sites, standard facilities,mid-range facilities, and then to upmarket /Luxury facilities. Most of the lodges in Kibale Forest national park are situated in areas of Bigodi, Ndali, and Kayanchu

Wildlife species

There are different species of wildlife in Kibale National park which you can see when you visit the park. Animals such as elephants, buffaloes, duikers, and sitatungas can be seen. You rest assured of spotting chimpanzees, white and blue colobus monkeys. L-hoest monkeys. Animals such as forest elephants are rarely seen but can be observed once in a while.

A variety of bird species

There are different bird species in Kibale National park and among the very many bird species include blue-headed sunbird, red-faced woodland warbler. There are also different butterfly species which you can see hovering all over the place. These can be seen even when you’re heading for chimpanzee tracking.

The Crater lakes

Crater lakes form unimportant tourist’s attractions in Kibale National park that tourists can go and see on their safari to the park. These craters’ lakes are majorly found in Fortportal city and can be combined with a trip to the Kibale Forest National Park. Seeing craters involve you hiking the magnificent hills with steep slopes and they are really interesting.

Amabere Ganyina Mwiru in Fortportal

This is one of the famous tourist attractions in Fortportal and among the things to see in Kibale Forest National Park that can be visited by tourists after or before heading to Kibale Forest National park. The attraction has features of caves and stalagmites that represent the local folks of Fortportal people and offers magnificent views of plantation firms, waterfalls, and other features of interest.