Mgahinga gorilla permit

What you need to know about the Mgahinga gorilla permit

Yes, in a country like Uganda,  where primates are the highlights of the major tourist attractions  found in the country, it is important to let the travelers know of what they should have and carry when planning for the safaris in Uganda. For today, our focus is on the gorilla permits or visitors visiting one of the Uganda gorilla parks called Mgahinga National Park

Mgahinga is a small park found in the southeastern Uganda Kisoro district with the endangered mountain gorillas that has made this park so popular to both visitors from outside and inside Uganda. Uganda is a home to more than 485 mountain gorillas and some of these are found in Mgahinga national park although the highest number of t gorillas cherish the tropical evergreen forests of the Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park

For every guests or traveler to come to Mgahinga gorilla national park to see these gorillas via tracking must possess the card that allows him or her to enter the park and see these endangered gorillas and this is what we call the gorillas permit as per Uganda wildlife authority, the body responsible for protecting the wildlife and all protected areas in Uganda. So if you want to see Mgahinga gorillas then you need the Mgahinga gorilla permits

You need to know the Mgahinga gorilla permit price

There is certain fee that was determined by the Uganda wildlife authority paid by every person who is interested in seeing the gorillas and therefore he or she must obtained this Card to be able to trek the gorillas in Mgahinga national park.  The price however, is paid to the visitors based of different factors such as their origin, or the country or region where they are coming from.

Someone from east Africa might pay different from that from the overseas or what we call the foreign non-residents in the tourism language.  According to the current Uganda wildlife Tariff, the Mgahinga gorilla trekking permit cost USD700 and this is for the Foreign Nonresidents and then USD for the foreign residents. While visitors from East Africa country or citizens pay Uganda shillings 25000 per person

 Encountering the human like gorillas in the Ugandan forest of the Mgahinga is an amazing experience and the gorilla permit will bring you close to the jungle to see the gorillas caring babies, calling and living their own life in their original homes. This gorilla permit will enable you to see the gorillas for only one hour after seeing them as everything will be one under the guidance of the guide.

What does the cost of the Mgahinga gorilla permit includes?

 The Mgahinga gorilla permit is of great importance to the visitors who do buy it from the Uganda wildlife Authority. Getting the gorilla permit, you’re sure that you will encounter and experience the unusual activity of meeting the gorilla. The cost of the Mgahinga gorilla permit include, the park entrance fee. Once you have finished clearing the price of the gorilla permit, you will not in any way again pay for the park entrance fees because it is included on this cost

Additionally, to the park entrance fees, the cost of the Mgahinga gorilla permit includes the one hour of you seeing these funny and amiable gorillas. You will move with guide for hours but once you have seen the gorilla family that you are following, then you will be able to spend one hours seeing these gorillas.

Also the cost of the gorilla permit includes, the safety and security while you’re in the park, it involves the allowances and the cost of your UWA ranger guide who will lead you to the forest and in case any tracker decides to accompany you in the forest.  However, other safari costs such the meals, tipping, accommodation and transportation is not covered on the cost charged for the Mgahinga gorilla permit.

When can Mgahinga permits be booked?

Yes, some of the visitors are still wondering when they can actually book the Mgahinga gorilla permits, gorilla permits are available all the day and anytime you fell to book them you can get them. However, we need to let our clients know that the gorilla permits are very scares due to the high demand of the visitors who are interested in using these good and wonderful creatures in their wildness.

Although they are available on daily basis, we advise that you book your card or gorilla permit early to avoid inconveniences. It is good that you book this permit about 3 months before your actually planned date of commencing your safari to Uganda and then Mgahinga for the wonderful views and encounter of the endangered mountain gorillas.

Other than endangered mountain gorillas, Mgahinga Gorilla Park is only conservation area on Uganda where the endangered golden monkeys can be found and also the park is wonderful for the visitors who are interested in adventure activities such the mountain hiking or volcano hiking.

Visitors who are interested in getting more information about the Mgahinga gorilla permit in Uganda should immediately contact Vibrant Holiday safaris for the better and quick replies. We aim at providing accurate and reliable information concerning travel information as it is evolving.