Mountain Gorilla in Volcanoes National Park

When is the best time to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking?

The best time to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking is during the drier seasons or months of June to September, when you will have the best-uninterrupted gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park. This is better than the rainy season, which is characterized by making gorilla trekking in Rwanda so difficult, and therefore, the best time to go to Rwanda for gorilla trekking is during the dry season. This is the time that is known as the peak season in the Rwanda tourism industry when the country receives many tourists.

Because Rwanda is located just south of the Equator, temperatures barely vary throughout the year. The days are warm, with temperatures ranging from the late teens to mid-twenties depending on which part of the country you visit. Evenings can be chilly, especially at altitude. March marks the beginning of the longer blustery season, which lasts through April and May. Even though the end of May is usually dry, there is no sign of guests staying away from the “enormous downpours.” The long dry season, from June to mid-September, is the most popular time to visit. Showers are possible at any point during this period.

In Musanze, a once-in-a-lifetime event called Kwita Izina, a gorilla naming ceremony and celebration of mountain gorilla births, takes place in September. The Kigali International Peace Marathon, which takes place in May, is a once-in-a-lifetime event. A full-distance race, a half-distance race, and a 10km run for peace are the three races. The 7th of April is Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day, a public event that is unquestionably solemn.

 If you’re planning a Mountain Gorilla trek, things have dried up again in December after the brief rains of October and November. So, if you’re looking for alternative Christmas party ideas, you may do a lot while en-route to Rwanda to see the mighty gorillas, and this is extremely interesting and wonderful.

The same is true for a fantastic New Year’s celebration in January. For the Rwanda Cycling Federation, the Tour du Rwanda is a magnificent, far-reaching race show. Regardless, it continues to alter dates, so keep an eye on its website. It is currently scheduled for February/March, even though it first took place in November and has also taken place in August. It’s a decent one, though, with only a smidgeon of movability. In Rwanda, Autonomy Day is celebrated every year on July 1st, commemorating the day in 1962 when Rwanda was liberated from Belgian border rule.

If you’re thinking about going to Rwanda, chances are it’ll be for a mountain gorilla trekking experience trip. Even though gorilla trekking is considered an all-year activity, the best time to visit Rwanda for a gorilla trek is during the short dry season, which runs from mid-December to early February, or the long dry season, which runs from June to September. By far, the least taxing climbing conditions and the lowest risk of intestinal illness can be found at these times.

Therefore, June to September is Rwanda’s peak season and the country’s longest dry season. It is, without a doubt, the best place in Rwanda to watch gorillas. The parks are easy to find, and the climbing trails are not muddy or difficult. There is also no chance of rain while the gorillas are on the move. Vacationers planning to visit the gorillas in Rwanda this season should book their gorilla permits in advance since there is a high demand for licenses. Booking will also necessitate paying a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the gorilla travel permit.

In my opinion, the period from December to February is the best opportunity to view gorillas in Rwanda. This is Rwanda’s short dry season, and it’s also one of the best times to see Rwanda’s critically endangered mountain gorillas. The parks are not as crowded as they are from June to September; gorilla trekking trails are also easier to reach, and birding is at its peak because migratory birds are present.

Visitors to the mountain gorillas in the rainy season should bring cotton clothing, water-resistant climbing boots, garden gloves, and bug repellent, as bugs thrive in the rainy season. Traveling during the dry season will necessitate the use of sunglasses and sunscreen. Avid bird watchers should also invest in optics. Please visit Rwanda and see the endangered mountain gorillas as well as participate in a variety of other tourist activities such as golden monkey trekking, chimpanzee trekking, natural life watching, hiking, bird watching, and much more. Visit Vibrant Holiday Safaris for a better safari experience, which is extremely interesting and wonderful.