Where to stay at Kibale National Park

Where to stay at Kibale National Park?

Where to stay at Kibale National Park? There are several accommodation facilities where you can relax and stay comfortable as you take part in different activities in the park. The accommodation facilities provided range from Camping sites, standard facilities, mid-range facilities, and then to upmarket /Luxury facilities. Most of the lodges in Kibale Forest national park are situated in areas of Bigodi, Ndali, and Kayanchu, and these are described below.

Luxury accommodation facilities

Primate Lodge:

This is one of the luxury lodges in Kibale located just at the edge of Kibale national park and adjacent to the Kanyanchu visitor information center.  The rooms are well built and designed in an eco-friendly style. Its strategic position makes it prime for visitors to commence their forest activities like chimpanzee tracking from here. Primate safari lodge features 8 luxury tents raised on wood and made of local materials and grass-thatched, 7 forest cottages in the forests with each room bearing its verandah, flushing toilets, showers, and televisions sets. The lodge also features the sky tree house with beddings and washing facilities as well as a campsite. There are various facilities which include a well-serviced bar, spacious parking, souvenir shop, restaurant, lounge and campfire, free internet facilities as well as charging facilities.

Ndali safari lodge:

This is a luxury accommodation safari lodge situated 23 kilometers southwestern part of Fortportal tourism city in Kibale National park. It provides beautiful views of the Rwenzori Mountains in the west and Nyinambuga Crater Lake. Visitors staying at this lodge will have to travel for only 45minutes to reach Kibale forest, National Park. Ndali lodge features 8 cottages built using locally made materials like woods, stones, and grass thatched. It can provide accommodation to more than 16 guests. In each room, there is a mosquito net, flushing toilet, and warm or cold running water showers. Televisions, firefighting equipment are well installed in the room. Ndali lodge also features different facilities including a restaurant this is in the main building serving breakfast, lunch, dinner both inside and outside. There is also a well-stocked bar will all kinds of drinks both soft and hard, free parking space, laundry services, Wi-Fi, craft shop, gyms, sauna and steam bath, conference halls, meeting venues, swimming pools, hiking tennis and many other are available at the lodge.

Kyaninga Safari Lodge:

This lodge is situated at the backdrop of the Rwenzori mountains dubbed the mountain of the moon at the edge of Lake Kyaninga one of the prominent crater lakes in the area. The lodge has 8 cottages raised on a wood platform well-raised walkways and offering two family cottages with space for children. The rooms are double and twin bedded and have running hot water and are powered by solar. Kyaninga lodge offers facilities like a well-stocked bar, restaurant, swimming pool, double side open fire area, two-deck lounge on the main building proving the lake views, and two raised galleries.

Crater safari lodge:

This is situated at the boundary of Kibale forest national park where most visitors visit for chimpanzee tracking. The lodge offers 7 cottages which are understood to have double and twin rooms and two spacious cottages each with 2 rooms that can accommodate four visitors especially for those traveling as a group or are moving as a family. Crater safari lodge features facilities such as en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water, internet access, a private deck with ice looking views of the lake, restaurant, bar, craft shop, campfire, and lounge.

Mid-range accommodation facilities at Kibale Forest National park

Chimpanzee forest guest house:

This is a guest house offering midrange accommodation facilities to visitors visiting Kibale Forest National Park. It is located along Kamwengye 23 kilometers away from Fort portal town well spread on well-known Isunga tea plantations raised on a higher altitude. Chimpanzee forest guest house has the main lodge and other garden cottages, close to Kibale national park the guest house offers being near Nkuruba Lake and the top of the world it has made it strategically best for tourist. 3 cottages are available facing Kibale national park and the 4th cottages provide beautiful views of the Rwenzori Mountains. There is spacious dining that is grass thatched with a lounge and a bar with local food being served and drinks of all types available as well.

Chimp Nest:

Chimp net is close to Kibale forest national park and it offers midrange accommodation facilities. Tourists at this hotel will be able to get good views of the forest and those of Mountain Rwenzori. Well situated in Nyabubale village, visitors will have to move for just 15 minutes to reach the Kanyanchu visitor information center in Kibale forest National park. Accommodation is informed of cottages, family units, and self-contained budget rooms. The cottages are situated on a hill with a private outside bathroom. Facilities at the Chimp nest include solar power, lounge, bar, restaurant, water heating using local firewood, charging facilities, and room telephone services.

Kibale Forest Camp at the boundary of the park. The accommodation here comes in canvas offering facilities in the real African style. Kibale forest camp features ten safari camps located in the forests and on several occasions it caters to tourists on a budget. The tents are configured into a twin and double bedrooms with flushing toilets and a dressing room and a hot water shower.  There are also seven budget-friendly tents with a good bed and charging facilities on the bedside with non-self-contained rooms. Beddings, towels, linen, and soap are all provided. The camp also features a restaurant and a bar providing food and beverages to all categories of travelers.

Mountain of the moon hotel:

Mountain of the moon hotel provides fantastic midrange accommodation facilities to tourists. The hotel is located in Fort portal city only 25 kilometers away from Kibale National Park. It has an impressive garden overlooking the great Rwenzori Mountains. Mount of the moon hotel presents 33 hotel Rooms that are categorized as a single, double, deluxe, double standard, and twin rooms. The facilities provided by the hotel include a bar, fireplace, restaurant, swimming pool, health and fitness center, and room facilities such as Dstv access, Large mirror, white linen, internet access, bathroom, and showers among others.

Isunga Safari Lodge

This is also one of the best lodges located in Kabaroer district near Kibale forest national park. visitors will need to move 26 kilometers south of Fortportal tourism city to access or reach the location of this lodge. Isunga  Safari Lodge has been operational for 4 years now and it has provided experience travel experience to the visitors. The park lodge features seven cottages spacious in a serene environment. The lodge presents facilities like a kitchen, a large free parking space, airport shuttle services just in case you land at Kasese airstrip, internet connectivity, nice foods prepared by well-experienced chefs, a swimming pool, and hiking and cycling activities are organized here at the lodge. Visitors will need 20 minutes to reach the Kanyanchu information center where all the activities of the park especially chimpanzee trekking start from.

Turaco Tree Top

Turaco treetop is a mid-range hotel found in Kibale Forest National park. it is located near the forests providing a Unique forest experience to visitors visiting Kibale Forest National Park. Turaco treetops are the newest accommodation facility near the Park headquarters making it easy for the visitors to chill, relax, and enjoy the spectacular views of the park and the Rwenzori mountains. Birders will get a chance to spot different bird species as they see other wildlife right at the lodge including monkeys, bushbabies, and chimpanzees even when you’re at the lodge.

Turaco treetop lodge features eight luxury cottages well located in the jungle with spacious windows and doors for a wider view of the park, self-contained rooms, and family cottages which can accommodate about 4 to 5 visitors.  The lodge offers facilities such as restaurants, a bar, enough parking space a fireplace, room service, a large dining area, a first-floor lounge for a clear vies of the forest, spacious swimming pool as you stay connected with your friends and family at home courtesy of free wifi provided at the hotel.

Kibale Forest Camp:

Kibale Forest Camp is situated amidst the Kibale Forest National Park evergreen forest and is well constructed using locally friendly materials that blend with nature. Being in the forest, all measures were put in place to ensure that it is environment friendly and that it does not disturb the environment and conservation efforts. It borders the Magobe swamp and the accommodation facilities at Kibale Forest Camp come with twelve (12) African safari tents comfortably with double and twin rooms. Each unit has its ensuite bathroom with a flush toilet, hot water shower, and a dressing room and mirror. Kibale Forest Camp also features nine (9) tents each with nice and excellent bedding facilities, aside bedside table, and charging facilities. Facilities like grass-thatched bars and restaurants serving both breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ecofriendly toilets, and private verandah. Visitors staying at Kibale Forest Camp in Kibale Forest National Park can easily participate in birding safaris in the Bigodi sanctuary

Budget Accommodation facilities at Kibale National Park

Ruwenzori View Guesthouse.

Rwenzori view guest house is located in the city of Fort Portal in the shadow of Ruwenzori Mountains. Budget travelers are open to a Swiss architecture accommodation facility and it was officially opened in 1997.it features 3 en-suite room with 1 reserved for family. These rooms are classified as single, double, and twin. It also has non-self-contained rooms. The rooms are well served with a bathroom, emergency lighting, and private verandah. Internet connectivity is guaranteed and it also features a restaurant and a lounge.

Nyinabulitwa country resort and safari camp.

This is convenient for budget travelers and overlanders.it features accommodation in form of cottages with terraces and those without Terrance and a campsite. Nyinabulitwa country resort and safari camp offer facilities like a community women’s craft center, camping areas with modern facilities, dining facilities overlooking the lake, solar power, cottage accommodation, and barbeque.

Lake Nkurumaba nature reserve and community campsite.

This is one of the accommodation facilities around Kibale Forest National park offering budget accommodation facilities. The accommodation facilities are in form of new Ruwenzori Bandas, hilltop Bandas, camping, and the lakeside cottage. There are 6 Bandas with twin beds taking accommodating a maximum of 4 tourists. The Rwenzori Bandas overlook the Rwenzori Mountains, shared washrooms with flush toilets and bathrooms. There are very many accommodation facilities where you can stay and enjoy the safaris in Kibale Forest National Park. All this will depend on your budget and your interests.

Rwetera Safari Camp

Rwetera safari camp is also one of the best accommodation facilities offering budget faculties to travelers visiting Kibale Forest National Park. Rwetera Safari camp is situated just at the entrance of the Kibale Forest National park close to the shores of Lake Nyabikere. The safari camp is just outside the park just 18 kilometers away from Kamwenge, Fortportal road. Visitors staying here will enjoy the magnificent views of the lake as well as listening to songs of different bird species.

Rwetera safari camp offered vital facilities for children that include a children’s playground and other activities for children. This means that children can enjoy the activities as their parents are in the forest for chimpanzee trekking and other activities in the park-like bird watching among others. The park offers facilities such as dining in a good restaurant, Kitchen, a camping area, a bar, and free Wi-Fi. The camp presents accommodation information about cottages and shared room for tents. The cam supports the local community with 10% of the money it collects from the guests.