Lake Mburo National Park accomodation

Where to stay at Lake Mburo National Park?

Where to stay at Lake Mburo National Park? Visitors to Lake Mburo National Park will have a wide range of accommodation options where they can stay as they enjoy their wildlife safaris in the park. The accommodation facilities in Lake Mburo National park are classified into 3 categories which include budget accommodation facilities, mid-range accommodation facilities, and luxury or high-end accommodation facilities. You can access these accommodation facilities in the park or outside the park in areas of Lyantonde or Mbarara city.

Luxury Accommodation facilities at Lake Mburo National Park

Mihingo Lodge: This is one of the luxurious safari lodges in Uganda where visitors can stay comfortably in Lake Mburo National Park. Mihingo Lodge is composed of ten tented camps and it is built using local materials on a raised wooden stand covered by well-ordered grass.  All the rooms are well provided with en-suite bathrooms, showers, warm and cold water as well as a clean flush toilet. Mihingo lodge offers services such as expansive swimming pools, ample dining areas, and a tennis court for the visiting tourists, DSTV services are also provided, internet access, Mihingo lodge also offers childcare services and provides bar services as well as restaurants services. For those interested in participating in horseback riding, the lodge arranges horseback tours to the park and tours to Lake Kacheera. As of now there seven horses at the hotel for use. Mihingo lodge in Lake Mburo National park also organized boat cruise safaris on Lake Mburo and is privately owned covering 20 acres of land.

Matana Tented Camp:

This is also one of the best-tented camps that have been in Lake Mburo National Park for some good years providing reliable and first-class service to the tourists visiting the park. Matana tented camp is composed of 9 tents well placed on the wooden platform raised above the ground. It’s here that you can explore different species and a wide view of Lake Mburo National Park in a distance. The Matana tented camp is powered by solar power and its rooms are well serviced with showers. Its proximity within the park makes you feel the sound and runs and walks of different animals that you can spot while you’re relaxing in the verandah. The camp operates a well-stocked bar, restaurant and serving both local and international cuisines. The Camp has got a sounding laundry team that provides excellent services to the tourists.

Midrange accommodation facilities in Lake Mburo National park

Acardia cottages :

This is part of the Acardia cottages that are being run in different destinations of  Uganda including those called Bunyonyi acardia cottages .it is located just two kilometers away from Rwonyo, the park’s major tourism activities hub offering midrange accommodation facilities. Acardia cottages offer a relaxed environment by nature of its set up near the shores of Lake Mburo. Acardia cottages are made up of 8 villas that range around a middle lodge building with a bar and a restaurant. Rooms were designed in such a way that they possess double cottages offering double beds with unsuited bathrooms.  These cottages offer facilities and services including open fire, restaurant, bar, and self-contained rooms that are well connected with the internet and televisions.

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge:

This one of the best mid-range hotels located inside Lake Mburo National Park. The park offers 10 luxury cottages well designed in African style with quality and luxury rooms. Each cottage has its balcony where you can relax comfortably as you enjoy the beautiful scenery. The lodge has conformable sized rooms with wardrobes, hot showers, handcraft furniture, and mosquito nets to safeguard you against mosquitoes. The hotel also offers camping facilities and visitors can come with their tents or hire from the hotel .campers can cook for themselves or order food from the restaurant services provided by the hotel. The honeymoon cottages comprise of a chicken, fringe services, and coffee maker. Meals and beverages are provided at the minibar and all dishes are prepared by the restaurant.

Rwakobo Rock Lodge: This is amid a range of accommodation facilities that have been constructed just at the edge of Lake Mburo National Park. The Rwakobo Rock features nine cottages that are well placed on huge granite levied rocks offering magnificent views to hills and wild animals such as bushbucks, topis, zebras crossing and grazing and converging at a watering point. All the cottages have got solar power, flush toilets and water, and self-contained rooms as well as double rooms.

Rwakobo Rock features services like a bar and restaurant d and you can enjoy this service while overlooking the lake. The restaurant makes good food of all categories for all visitors visiting the park. You can as well enjoy coffee and tea and facilities such as charging, wireless internet is available in the hotel’s main areas. The hotel receives zebras, buffaloes as occasional visitors.

Eagle Nest Loge: This is one of the midrange lodge built on a hill adjacent to Lake Mburo National park. Eagles Nest loge has twelve tents comprised of rock floors and a thatched roof. Just in the middle of the lodge, there nice restaurant and bar building where you can sit and enjoy nature as you hear the sound of roaring lions and crickets. The Eagles Nest Loge features eco flush toilets and a verandah. The 12 tents are well furnished with twin and double beds with solar power and charging facilities for the visitors. The lodge offers a three-course meal that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it has the DSTV services installed in rooms.

Budget accommodation facilities at Lake Mburo National Park

Rwonyo Rest camp:

This is a budget accommodation facility offering tends and Bandas. It is under the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority and is situated just one kilometer west of Shanga gate. The lodges are thatched with grass and are made up of other local materials. The Bandas have shared showers as compares to tented camps with private showers. You can as well come with tents as there is enough space for you to erect them. Both Bandas and tented rooms and Bandas are constructed on a raised wood platform to offer a wide view of the park.

Leopard Rest Camp:

this is one of the budget accommodation facilities situated in Kiruhura district just close to Lake Mburo National park. This camp is only 3 minutes from the Nshara gate of Lake Mburo National Park that ushers in many tourists into the park. Leopard Rest Camp offers laundry services, provides lunch, breakfast, and dinner at affordable prices in Africa’s wildness. The leopard Rest Camp has gone a lodge where you can go and it has solar power with charging facilities available. All the material that made the camps were got from th6e local materials and by the management team. The camp has a total of 9 rooms and suites.