Where to stay at Mount Elgon national parks

Where to stay at Mount Elgon national park?

Where to stay at Mount Elgon national park? Visitors to mountain Elgon National park on safari will have a lot of conformable accommodation facilities where they can stay. Accommodation facilities can be found in and outside the national park and the most luxurious accommodation facilities that can be used are located in Mbale City, Kapchorwa town, and the areas around Sipi. These accommodation facilities offer quality services and they include the following.

Luxury accommodation facilities

Mount Elgon Hotel and Spa: This one of the luxuries accommodation facilitates located near Mount Elgon just two minutes from Mbale City along Masaba road owned by Italians. The hotel offers the finest services that include in-room dining services besides the main restaurant services, ice cream, and coffee provided at the coffee bar and other perfect services including conferences and banquets, high-end class accommodation facilities, bar, and restaurants services, hotel shuttle services, swimming pool services and spa. It’s ideal for part celebrations, family festivities and the conference center accommodates up to 300 persons. Inside the spacious rooms, there are wooden floors, a hot bath, internet services, and DSTV connections. More than 30 self-contained room at their hotel in the category of a standard room, superior room, executive and junior suites.

Mbale Resort Hotel: This hotel resort also offers luxury services to tourists on Mountain Elgon on the adventure tour. It is situated just two minutes away from Mbale city near Mountain Elgon National Park. The hotel features over ninety-four rooms and overs spectacular views of Wanale hills.  The Mbale resort hotel has facilities such as a beautiful gym, spa, and a swimming pool.  Visitors even if th6ey don’t stay at this hotel. They can go there end and relax after a thrilling activity of hiking Mount Elgon.  There is a well-served restaurant and a stocked bar and a mini pool sidebar all connected with DSTV services. The balcony is nice while overlooking the healthy palm trees designing the hotel. Upon reaching Mbale City, you can follow the republican street to spot this hotel.

Sipi river lodge. This is located on the fringes of Sipi town along the Kapchorwa highway. It is near the forest exploration center and a few meters away from the park entrance. The accommodation facilities are in a range of cottages such as Kapsurur and Aniet cottages providing luxurious accommodation facilities encompassing ensuite ablutions double beds, lounge, and spacious showers. The Chepkui cottages scan accommodates 5 tourists while other accommodations at the hotel may include Bandas such as the  Piswa, Sasa, and Suam bunkhouse.

Midrange accommodation facilities at Mount Elgon National Park

Kageyi Hotel: This also located in Mbale city along Masaba road offering midrange service to visitors going for Mt Elgon National park. From the Post office building in Mbale city, you will need to travel for only 1 kilometer to reach the hotel. Kageyi hotel features 25self contained room, a restaurant, bar, wireless internet, and enough parking space. Kageyi hotel also presents avenues for conferences with the capacity to seat seventy people with a desk and over 150 people without a desk. It is relatively needed and visitors staying here will get an opportunity to overlook the mount Wanale in the countryside.

Wash and wills country Home Mbale: This the perfect accommodation situated on Muluku estate providing magnificent views of Mountain Elgon.  The Hotel features thirty self-contained rooms and 8 suits 16 deluxe twin and six executive double rooms all connected with television sets and a minibar. The hotel provides services such as a swimming pool. Health club, pool table, recreational facilities, conference facility, and restaurant.

Budget accommodation Facilities at Mountain Elgon National Park

Masha Hotel:  This is situated in Kapchorwa town as you approach the Kapchorwa-Mbale highway. It is one of the budget accommodation facilities that standout in Kapchorwa trading center/town. The rooms are 22 self-contained and clean and well ventilated. It features a restaurant and a bar preparing local cuisines and internal cuisines, especially dishes. This can act as a basement for tourists to trek mountain Elgon. 

Mount Elgon View Hotel: Mt Elgon View Hotel is situated along Kumi road featuring a taxi park, restaurant, and internet services. The park has over 20 rooms with a balcony overlooking Wanale cliffs. Rooms are double, self-contained, rooms annex and showers. Very affordable on the budget but with classic services rendered to tourists.

Noah’s Ark Hotel: This is well strategically constructed in Kapchorwa town along the lower slopes of mountain Elgon overlooking the beautiful plains of Teso and Karamajong. Noah’s Ark features 3 branches offering luxury, midrange but majorly budget accommodation facilities. It can hosts up to 100 people per day and serves well Bugisu coffee in the morning and has got restaurants serving lunch and dinners to both local and international visitors. Accommodations range from suites, cottages, and camps. Noah’s Ark Hotel has a 30-meter hut for you to relax with a bar looking at the magnificent Sipi falls, Arabic coffee plantations, Sipi river among others. Activities such as rock climbing, Arabic coffee tours can as well be organized here.