Accomodation Semuliki National park

Where to stay at Semuliki National park

Where to stay at Semuliki National park? There are limited accommodation facilities near Semuliki national park however, a few range from budget, mid-range to luxury hotels. Most of the good accommodation ion facilities can be found in for portal city and Bundibugyo however the Uganda Wildlife Authority has set up two campsites near the gate of Semuliki National park to offer accommodation facilities to some visitors who are interested in camping. The accommodation facilities in Fort portal and Bundibugyo where you can stay as you enjoy the safaris in Semuliki National Park Range from the budget, midrange, and luxury safaris.

Luxury accommodation facilities in Semuliki

Semuliki safari Lodge:

Semuliki Safari Lodge is one of the luxury lodges that are close to Semuliki National Park one of the safari destination parks in Uganda.  The lodge can accommodate 18 visitors comfortably as they enjoy their stay while on Semuliki Tour. The accommodation is in form of canvas tents with shiny hardwood floors, hot showers, and flush toilets with coffee delivered to you in the morning in your room. Semuliki Safari Lodge offers facilities such as a bar, restaurant, lounge, swimming pool, the main lodge with a thatched roof. Semuliki Safari Lodge aids in the chimpanzee habituation process in collaboration with the Indian University.

Nitoroko Game lodge:

This is situated and built at a Semuliki Wildlife reserve on the shores of Lake Albert. The lodge presents luxury and standard accommodation facilities to visitors visiting Semuliki National park.  This lodge features about 15 rooms that include a luxury room for honeymooners, two rooms with king or twin beds and a private patio, 3 superior double rooms, 4 standard double rooms, and five luxury rooms. The room facilities include toiletries, safes, hairdryers, heaters, complimentary coffee or tea tray, and private patios offering the garden and lake.

Midrange accommodation facility at Semuliki National Park

Kirumira Guest House:

This is located on Bundibugyo highways heading to town just 10 kilometers from Sempaya- Semuliki gate. It is located near Kirumia town in Kirumia village where Kirumia trail starts from. You can as well see various attractions such as white Colobus monkey’s birds the green vegetation stunning landscape views in the park since the guest house is near the lodge.

Budget accommodating facilities

UWA Campsite and Bandas:

These are Bandas and campsite set and managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. They are situated at Bumaga only about 2kilometers away from the Sempaya trail that acts as a starting point for all forest exploration activities by the tourists. Meals can be arranged in order and all of the equipment can be hired if you need.  All the rooms in Bandas are comfortable and nice looking.

This is also one of the budget hotels offering budget accommodation facilities to visitors visiting the Semuliki National Park. It is located in the center of Bundinigyo town near the largest market within the town. The hotel feature seven rooms that are clean with common showers and has a restaurant offering nice meals in the whole town. There is a bar serving both warm and cold drinks. It offers great views of the Rwenzori Mountains and it is only 25 kilometers drive await from the Semuliki National Park.