Animals in Lake Mburo National

Wildlife in Lake Mburo National park

Wildlife in Lake Mburo National park- The park has various animals to boast different activities like game drive, boat cruise, nature walks among others.

Lake Mburo national park features a lot of animal species that are not easily found in any other park in Uganda. Among others, zebras are the common animals sited in Lake Mburo National park. You are guaranteed 100% that you must see zebras whenever you go to Lake Mburo national park. On different occasions, these Zebras can even be seen in your vehicle when you reach the park areas before the Sanga trading center. It offers the highest concentration of Zebras among all the parks where they are available in Uganda.

You will as well spot buffaloes in plenty of grazing or resting. These buffaloes can easily be seen when taking both morning and safaris game drives. Other animals of Lake Mburo National park include the Impala, topi, Defassa waterbuck, the newly introduced Zebras, hippopotamuses at Lake Mburo, Eland, Leopards, and Hyenas. Crocodiles, lizards are also seen in Lake Mburo National park.

Bird species in Lake Mburo National park.

Lake Mburo national park harbors over 332 species of birds which tourists can see and while carrying out their birding safaris within the park. The most common bird species that can be sighted in Lake Mburo National Park include Bee-eaters, mouth bird, brown parrot, white-winged warbler, Nubian woodpecker, crested francolin, Red-necked spurfowl, and the rare Shoe billed stork. You can as well encounter white backed heron and African finfoot in Lake Mburo National Park.

What to do at Lake Mburo national park?

After accessing lake Mburo national park, various activities can be done that range from adventure travel to leisure

Game drives safaris at Lake Mburo National Park

Game drives present the best times when tourists can spot a large number of wildlife in Lake Mburo national park such as Zebras, Leopards, buffaloes, Hynas, Impalas among others. Both day and evening game drives are carried out in Lake Mburo national park. It is always good to do game drive safaris in the morning when animals are inactive before it becomes so hot when they start hibernating and rushing to waters points. Game drives are done using open roof vehicles for wide Game viewing. In Lake Mburo National park there are a lot of trails introduced by UWA that lead tourists to different areas of the park where they spot different animals. The leopard rock is a popular place for game drives in Lake Mburo national park and tourists can as well engage in night game drives to spot nocturnal animals that are not easily seen during the day.

Boat trip safari at Lake Mburo National park

Boat trip safaris are carried out at Lake Mburo that is located within the park. Taking a cruise at Lake Mburo will provide you with an opportunity to discover the hidden treasure of Lake Mburo National Park. It is a very exciting activity during the dry season when the animals converge at the lake to drink. You will see a variety of animals including Zebras, Topis, impalas, buffaloes, Hippopotamuses, and crocodiles. Besides animal species, while on a boat cruise you will also see a variety of birds including cormorants, pied kingfishers, pelicans, Hermmerkop among others. This is one of the most exciting activities in Lake Mburo National Park.

Guided nature walks safari at Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National park offers an opportunity for nature walks provide that tourists are accompanied by a ranger guide. During guided nature walk safaris, the experienced guided will lead you to areas where animals are always located. Nature guided walks commence early in the morning and at 7 am where you expect to meet some animals like hyenas returning from hunting or Hipotomus heading back to the water. Other animals you can see include Buffalos, Zebras, and Antelopes on a distance recommended to you by the arranger guide.

Tourists can as well explore the Rubanga forests during the nature walks which provides the visitors with the best chance to spot over 42 bird species that inhabit this forest in addition to seeing different tree species such as acacia, fig-trees, and others. The bird species available in Rubanga forests include Green Pegion, Double-toothed Barbet, Shoe billed stork among others

Sport fishing safaris at Lake Mburo National park

Lake Mburo National park was designed as a lake for sport fishing safaris by tourists. Lake Mburo has a Mazinga section that is not affected by the crocodiles and Hippopotamuses and this has created an opportunity for sport fishing tours. While on fishing tours in Lake Mburo National Park, you will be able to catch different fish species such as Tilapia, mudfish, lungfish, and several others. Tourists intending to participate in fishing tours in Lake Mburo National park will be able should carry their fishing gear and need to secure a fishing permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Horseback safaris at Lake Mburo National Park

Is only in Lake Mburo National park where horse-riding safaris are carried out. The other place where horseback safaris are conducted is in Kawaya Wildlife Reserve near Lake Albert and Jinja near the source of the Nile. Horseback safaris will bring you close to some of the wildlife in Lake Mburo national park depending on the time you have decided to engage in horseback safaris. You’re likely to encounter Topis, Impalas, Zebras, and others while on horseback safaris in Lake Mburo National Park.

Cultural safaris at Lake Mburo National park

Cultural safaris at Lake Mburo National park are conducted by visiting Igongo Cultural center and Hima homestead to engage and in milk processing. Igongo Cultural Center is only 4kilomers from the park and it summarizes the cultural heritage and traditions of the people of Ankole. The cultural center has a museum that houses the local arts and crafts of the traditions Banyankole and tourists will be excited by interesting lectures about the Banyakitara lifestyle and learn how Bachwezi once ruled different parts of Ankole. It is also here that you can buy local souvenirs.

Quad biking tourism in Lake Mburo National park

There are quad biking tours in Lake Mburo national park taken by tourists to spot the game within the park. The quad biking tours in Lake Mburo National park done up to deep in grazing areas and to nearby communities where you will spot the Banyankole herdsmen grazing their spectacular long-horned cattle. You can carry a bottle of water and a simple snack to refuel in case you get exhausted.

Rwoyo Walk lick safaris at Lake Mburo National Park

Tourists can as well engage in salt lick safaris in Lake Mburo National park. These are guided lake to lake Rwonyo salt lake where you can explore animals licking salt on a raised platform made of timber. It is also an interesting activity for tourists to engage in whenever they visit Lake Mburo National park.