Wildlife species at Kibale National Park

 Wildlife species at Kibale National Park

Wildlife species at Kibale National Park- There are different species of wildlife in Kibale National park which you can see when you visit the park. Animals such as elephants, buffaloes, duikers, and sitatungas can be seen. You rest assured of spotting chimpanzees, white and blue colobus monkeys. L-hoest monkeys. Animals such as forest elephants are rarely seen but can be observed once in a while.

Primates at Kibale Forest National park

Kibale forest National park is home to about 13 species of primates which has made the park to be regarded as the primate’s primate paradise. Primates at Kibale Forest National Park include the following;

Chimpanzees: These are the commonest among the primates found in Kibale Forest National park. Chimpanzees form the largest population of chimpanzees within the park. There are about 1000 Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest with approximately over 80 chimpanzees well habituated and available for tourists to track and see. Chimpanzees are close to us human beings and we share 98.7% DNA with them. They are the most intelligent creature after human beings and their actions resemble those of human beings. Visitors can come and visit chimpanzees in Kibale all the time of the year.

Other than chimpanzees, there also several primates in Kibale Forest National Park which can be identified as  Redtailed monkeys, White and Blue  Colobus Monkeys, olive baboons,   Vervet monkeys, L-Hoest monkeys, Mangabey, Grey-cheeked monkeys, Uganda red colobus, Demiddoff Galago, the potto, and patas monkeys. Visitors visiting Kibale Forest National park will be able to see all the above primates while on tracking safaris which makes this park so interesting.

Animal species at Kibale National park

Kibale Forest National Park features a credible list of 13 primate species and this makes it to and be the park with the largest population of chimpanzees in Uganda estimated to be 1450. Besides chimpanzees other primates include L’Hoest’s monkey, nocturnal bush baby, red colobus monkeys, and the mangabey among others. Kibale National Park also harbors big mammal species such as buffaloes, forest elephants, Duikers, Other large mammals, such as elephant, warthogs, and bush pigs among others. Tourists can spot few of these elephants on a lucky day since they are rarely seen. Most tourists have visited Kibale National park mainly for chimpanzee tracking and habituation experience.

Bird species at Kibale National park

Kibale forest harbors over 370 bird species which makes the park a fantastic birding destination for birders. The availability of different vegetation types has provided grounds for the bleeding of these birds which have made them easily multiply.  Some of the spotted bird species in Kibale National Park can only be found in the African Albertine rift area. Green-breasted Pitta is the best bird species attraction that draws the tension of birders in Kibale National Park. Other bird species in Kibale National Park Include Nahan’s Francolin, dusty blue flycatcher, Yellow-throated Nicator, Red-headed Malimbe, black bee-eater among others.

Butterflies and amphibian species in Kibale National Park.

Kibale National Park features other species of tourism importance such as reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies. There are over  250 species of butterflies and as you hike or walk through the forests for chimp tracking or habituation process you will be able to see the butterflies all the place and you are free to ask the kind of butterfly species you have to come across.