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Book gorilla safaris- Vibrant Holiday safaris call for the promotion of sustainable tourism to ensure that the impacts from tourism on the environment are minimized. This is done by training our staff to advocate for environmental tourism awareness to both our clients and local communities and share the benefits from tourism by giving out 5% of our annual income back to communities around the protected areas inform of health and education. This helps to achieve a mutual relationship between local communities, tourists, and the environment.

We book you to Eco lodges during your gorilla safaris that are factually made of locally harvested shrubs and trees that blend well with nature and gives a true feel of African culture. Mostly the private lodges adjacent to wildlife parks are owned by local employees. So your travel with us makes a positive impact on the local people’s economy by providing them with cash benefits as well as stimulating employment opportunities.

Locally produced food by the local communities are available and prepared in these lodges. You can as well order for fresh foods direct from the local community and this makes it possible for the community as well to make sure that they protect what exactly brought you clients close to them.

As part of conservation efforts, the charges for gorilla trekking permits in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo are reverted to protecting the fragile environment that harbors these endangered species in their unspoiled homes. This principle spreads to other activities where communities surrounding the game parks get a portion of park entrance collection fees.