Mgahinga Gorilla National Park forms part of the Virunga Conservation Area in Uganda and it is one of the two parks in Uganda that harbors endangered mountain gorillas. Mgahinga is the smallest park with only 33square kilometers and is situated in the southwestern part of Uganda in the district of Kisoro.

The park was first gazetted as a Game Reserve by the British protectorate in the 1930s. But later people turned it into a garden crop especially on lower slopes and on the foothills of Virunga Ranges and this was done by destroying all the forests and animals residing there that were being poached. In 1989 survey aimed at combatting the illegal activities in the game reserve was commenced and it was found different items such as wire mesh and traps were found and this triggered the training of ranger guides were retrained to restore the game reserve to its glory by ensuring reforestation in areas where trees were cut.

People who had occupied the park were relocated to other areas outside the park and in 1991 Mgahinga Game Reserve was upgraded into a national park. Mgahiga Gorilla Park since then has become an important pillar to

Uganda’s tourism industry by attracting tourists who come for Mountain Gorilla trekking however,  in  2008, the M23 rebels from the Democratic Republic of Congo tried to cause instability in the areas but these were later defeated guaranteeing security to visitors traveling to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park to see Gorillas.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park features afro montane forests, bamboo tree, tropical trees, and semi type of vegetation including savannah grassland. The park still boasts three main dormant volcanoes which are available for hiking safaris. These include Mountain Muhavura, Gahinga, and Mountain Sabinyo and this makes Mgahinga Gorilla National Park be on a raised altitude ranging.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park features a lot of Flora and Fauna including the amiable engendered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. The park harbors over 180 species of birds which has made it possible for Bird watching safaris in the park.  Mgahinga National Park can be accessed by using both roads from Kampala and air transport from Entebbe/Kajjansi airstrip to Kisoro Airstrip.

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