10 Things to do in Rwanda on your honeymoon

Rwanda is a small landlocked country found in east Africa and covers an area of 26338 square meters. She shares borders with Uganda, DRC, Burundi, and Tanzania. Rwanda is known for its beautiful hills, volcanoes, mountain gorillas, and handsome people, but sadly for also enduring one of the worst genocides in recent history. Rwanda is a healing nation, which was rebuilt by the government of President Kagame. She is now considered a benchmark for how other countries can organize their people, curb corruption, and set up efficient systems for resources. The new government has achieved one of the greatest things due to the beautiful weather, endless hills, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, and wildlife. In this article, we are going to show you incredible activities you can do on your honeymoon in Rwanda.

The 10-day Rwanda honeymoon is simply the experience of a lifetime you can get from Rwanda. It entails getting time to interact with the Rwandan gorillas in the gorilla trekking exercise. Other activities include hiking to the Musanze caves in the volcano park, trekking the adorable but shy golden monkeys and chimps, and canopy walking.You can have a lot of fun with all those activities.

This 10-day package gives you enough time to relax at your hotel in Kigali before the wonderful adventure in the wilderness and learn more about Rwanda.

Arrival at Kigali International Airport and hotel transfer.

You will be welcomed by our staff and your driver at the airport. They will drive you to your hotel and check in on the outskirts of Kigali City and talk about how your honeymoon will go. You will go to the hotel to freshen up, enjoy your meal, and relax, which will be the first day of our 10-day honeymoon in Rwanda.

A full day of relaxation at the hotel;

The next day of this package will be set aside for you to relax at the hotel in Kigali as you enjoy your unbothered honeymoon in the land of a thousand hills.

Hotel pickup and transfer

This drive is full of exciting sites that will first be started with breakfast at your hotel. The beauty of the Rwandan countryside is unique in its way. Many visitors on Rwanda tours describe Rwanda as the kind of beautiful country they would want to live in for the rest of their lives. The famous National Museum at Butare, a traditional king’s palace at Nyanza, is a historic monument that stores artifacts from the past, forming the foundation stone on which Rwanda as a country is built.

Chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk: This activity takes place in Nyungwe montane forest and starts early in the morning on the 3rd day. You will set out with ranger escorts and wander into the forests shortly after the first light. Explore the forests and rangers will discover the hidden corners with large families of chimpanzees going about their routine activities of the day.

Chimpanzee trekking regulations on tours into Rwanda are minimized to a maximum of one hour.

You will resume your safari into Rwanda for Rwanda’s next activity of the day after your lunch break and rest under the cool shade. After that, you will go for the canopy walk on the tour, which is done on a bridge suspended 70m above ground into the canopy of this beautiful montane forest. Travelers on tour in Rwanda get an aerial bird’s-eye view.

Travel to Musanzi: On this fourth day, you will wake up to a beautiful day and a delicious breakfast before embarking on a long journey to the mountain gorilla zones in the volcanic Virunga corridor, which stretches into the Democratic Republic of the Congo and UgandaThe journey is spiced up by beautiful sightings of the Rwandan mountains and a thousand hills, with a clear view of Lake Kivu that extends to the DRC. It’s highly recommended for travelers on safari in Rwanda to have a lunch break in Gisenyi, a lakeside town, and later venture for a one-hour boat cruise before proceeding to their hotel in Musanze 30 minutes later, as you wind up with the 6th day of your 11-day Rwanda honeymoon package with primates.

Gorilla trekking: On your 5th day, you will be taken for gorilla trekking. You will meet up with other gorilla trekking members, register, and check for health status as per Rwanda gorilla trek regulations. You will be escorted by the rangers into the thick forest. This exercise involves moving paths of feeding gorillas to catch up with them. Gorilla trekking is fun because it is exciting and hard.

Tracking gorillas and visiting gorilla guardian villages; golden monkey tracking is one of Rwanda’s rare primates, especially in Volcanoes National Park. The golden monkeys live together with endangered mountain gorillas in the same habitat in Rwanda. Tracking the golden monkeys is one of the best safari activities that you will ever enjoy while on a safari in Rwanda. Therefore, you don’t need to miss out when you come and visit this great safari, which is so interesting and wonderful.

The activity starts early in the morning with a briefing and it is done in conjunction with the armed rangers while following the trails well set or established for this great safari activity of golden monkey tracking.

Trekking with golden monkeys and visiting Gorilla Guardian Village

This activity is one of the rarest primate species in the Virunga corridor, sharing the same habitat as mountain gorillas, facing similar survival challenges, and facing extinction. Tracking the golden monkeys is not as challenging as trekking gorillas, but the plight and excitement of spending an hour interacting with them are equally the same.

There is no better way to enjoy Rwanda than by going gorilla and monkey tracking in conjunction with the exploration of the guardian village, where you will enjoy the best of Rwandan culture performed by the great communities who are part of the conservation efforts.

Explore Kigali City: Rwanda is one of the most organized countries with the best-organized cities on the African continent. On this Rwanda honeymoon safari, you will visit Kigali on the Kigali city tour. This will be after exploring the primates (both gorillas and golden monkeys) in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. It takes only three hours to drive from Volcanoes National Park to Kigali City, making it very accessible. Enjoy the beautiful views as you are ushered into Kigali city.

Full-day hotel relaxation: Having the whole day to enjoy and relax at your hotel is a luxury. This is a day you will spend at the hotel relaxing before your next day’s flight back home or to the next travel destination.

Day of departure: This day is your last day on safari in Rwanda. The activities are dependent on your departure flight schedule. Your guide on a tour of Rwanda will escort you to Kigali International Airport in time for your flight back home or to the next travel destination.

Services Offered

  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Gorilla trekking permits
  • Chimpanzee trekking permit.
  • Golden Monkey trekking permit.
  • Kigali city tour.
  • All accommodations are as specified in the itinerary.
  • All meals are as per the itinerary.
  • Drinking water
  • The services of an experienced English-speaking driver/guide

Different tourists book different accommodation packages, for example, budget, mid-range, or luxury, depending on their budget for their visit. We are the perfect and best tour operators that can mobilize for you the best Rwanda tour to explore the beauty within Rwanda, allowing you to take part in the different tour activities mentioned above within the park and the surrounding areas.