Best time to Trek Mgahinga gorillas-Uganda

Best time to Trek Mgahinga gorillas-Uganda

This is one of the confusing and unclear debates going on among the minds and head of several visitors especially those who are planning to come to Uganda to track gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. There are several people’s opinions which has been posted on internet through websites and online platforms by various stakeholders within the tourism industry about the best time to trek Mgahinga gorillas and I believe that by searching about you should have come across varied opinions about this theme.

Visitors who palming to come to Uganda for Mgahinga gorilla tracking, I hereby informed that gorilla tracking is the continuous activity that is done all the time and thus any day, any moth and any time of the year, your free to  go to Mgahinga and track the gorillas. The time you come to trek the gorillas will give you the rewarding gorilla trekking experince and you will love the adventure.

Yes, I have mentioned that Mgahinga gorillas can be tracked anytime but it has been proved that most of the visitors who come from the experince and those who have interviewed, as Vibrant Holiday Safaris, revealed that they would rather track Mgahinga gorillas during the dry season as compared to going for the experince during the rainy or wet season.

This therefore confirms that the best times to track the Mgahinga gorillas is during the dry season and in the drier months. When I talk of the drier month as the best time to track the Mgahinga gorillas, I mean the month of June, July, August, September and October. However, towards the end of the October, some rains start jetting in, implying that the months of April , May and November are wet months characterized by heavy rain fall sometimes which hampers the Mgahinga gorilla tracking activity.

Why guest prefer tracking Mgahinga gorillas during the dry season?

We have seen that most visitors don book the gorilla safaris you Mgahinga Gorillas park during the dry months but it is important that you should know why is this so?, during the dry season, it is very easy to access the park because all the roads and tracks that guests use to track the gorillas are dry meaning that the incidences of the guest becoming slippery while tracking Mgahinga gorillas are so minimal. Also the vegetation is very low because of the strong sunshine and this allows easy visibility during the dry season.

Is it competitive to track Mgahinga gorillas during dry season?

It is very true that tracking Mgahinga gorillas during the dry season is so competitive. The reason here, is that most people per booking to travel to gorillas during the dry season since it is the best time to track Mgahinga gorillas and this means that the Mgahinga gorilla permits sell quickly during the dry season hence making the experince so competitive.

Also most of the lodges tend to be overbooked during this dry season and thefore we always advise our clients to book the Mgahinga gorillas permits in advance in order to get an opportunity to see and track the Mgahinga gorillas.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is found in the southwestern part of Uganda at the border of Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. It is a home to some of the remaining gorillas in the while world with one fully habituated family Nyakagezi that is available for gorillas to see in Mgahinga National Park

As per gorilla regulations in Uganda, each group of gorilla family is allocated 8 people who visit it on daily basis and therefore, in Mgahinga there are only 8 gorilla permits available each day and this also reiterate the cause for you to book the Mgahinga gorilla permits early enough in advance.

 Mountain gorillas are highly endangered animals and therefore they must be protected. The amount of money charged for tracking the gorillas is used in conserving them. Each Mgahinga gorilla permit costs $700 per day per person for the Foreign Non-residents and $600 for the foreign residents.

Please by this, I know now you can easily tell when you can best book your Mgahinga gorillas trekking safaris. Still the dry season remains the best time when you can go and track the Mgahinga gorillas with ease. Please visit the Vibrant Holiday safaris as you organize for you Uganda gorilla safaris that provides you the high chances of seeing the gorillas in Uganda. The other park in Uganda where Gorillas are found is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.