Hiking Sipi Falls on Mountain Elgon

Hiking Sipi Falls on Mountain Elgon

Sipi Falls is positioned in Eastern Uganda on the foothills of Mountain Elgon. It is about 277 km from the Capital Kampala (Uganda). Its name (Sipi) was derived from the name of a Wild Medicinal plant called “Sep” that the local people use to treat Fever and Measles. A tour to Sipi falls is an electrifying experience that provides clients a chance to gape at the three waterfalls that flow from different altitude thus creating one of the most striking sihgtings in the Pearl of Africa.

Sipi Falls is a 5hour drive from Kampala along Kampala-Jinja highway. Along the way, visitors get to view the eye-catching places like, Mabira Forest, the largest forest in Uganda, the source of the Nile, Jinja town among many others. After Jinja town, you proceed to Iganga town then turn to join Tinyiri Highway that will take you to Mbale.

Tourists who climb Mount Elgon, normally starts from Sipi Falls and relish the scenic beauty of Coffee plantations, Lake Kyoga as well as the surrounding areas. Sabinyo and Bagisu are the mainly occupants of this area and they are mainly farmers who mainly grow Arabic Coffee.

Hiking the Sipi Falls on Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda, offers Fascinating views on Mountain Elgon. The Sipi Falls are described as the most Romantic on African continent.

Sipi Falls are located on the lower slopes of Mountain Elgon at an altitude of 1750m near the Sipi village. It is 60km from Mbale and a 2 a half hour drive to Kapchorwa on road and this depends on the weather conditions.

It’s a 2 hour hiking around the Sipi Falls and this activity is preferable during the morning hours. The scenery is Eye-catching and amazing that visitors are able to view species of birds amidst the cool weather. Trails on the mountain are very slippery and steep. The walk is challenging and a reasonable level of fitness is required, though Adventurous as you go through the caves while the waters hit the rocks.


What is done while at Sipi Falls in Uganda

There is a number of tourist activities that takes place around the Sipi Falls in addition to the exciting Sipi Falls hike, among which include;


  • Bird Watching: Mount Elgon National Park harbors over 274 bird species. Many species of birds are found in Uganda’s several national parks. The presence of abundant water bodies, the vegetation cover, and a conducive climate are partly why Uganda is recorded as one of the best birding destination in the World.


  • Climbing Mount Elgon: Hiking on Mount Elgon is a famous activity in Eastern Uganda which normally starts from the Sipi Falls. Mountain Elgon is a dominant Volcanic mountain with the 4th highest peak in Africa besides having the largest Caldela in the world.


  • Touring the Arabic Coffee: Around Mount Elgon in Eastern region, Arabic coffee is the major economic activity of the Bagisu who are the dominant tribe residing in this area. Arabica Coffee grows on the high altitude slopes of Mount Elgon. while on this tour, visitors get to learn how the locals grow and process coffee and the whole supply chain.


  • Visiting the Sisisyi waterfalls: These falls are found in Bulambuli District, Eastern Uganda. They are eye-catching in the region while they are viewed while heading to Kidepo Valley National park. Sisiyi Falls have got a conducive environment that is perfect for picnics as well as camping


  • Nyero Rock Painting tour. This famous feature is found in Kumi District. It’s about 2hour drive from the Sipi Falls area. The above historical paintings attract tourists from all over the world who come to glance of how African Ancestors lived thousands of years back. It is believed that the local ancestors still live around this area.


  • Climbing the Abseiling Rock: Abseiling is the skill of climbing steep slopes with a firm device that is fastened to your Harness. The Sipi Falls is a great place for the above activity. this activity and the rock climbing are done at Chebonet falls, well trained guides are at your service to help you.


  • Cultural Tours: Visitors also can opt to go for the cultural visit to encounter the local culture of the local two tribes in the area and around Sipi. These include the Sabiny and Bagisu. Here visitors will gaze at cultural practices like, circumcision, where young boys are initiated into Adulthood.

When to visit the Sipi Falls:

Sipi Falls tours can be done all around the year. Uganda’s tropical climate favors tourism in all parts of the country throughout the year.