Tororo Rock Climbing


Tororo rock climbing occurs in the Eastern part of Uganda bordering the Malaba, Busia, and Mbale districts. The rock was formed in the earth’s crust over 250 million years ago. The town is calm, quiet, and well organized. Tororo is known for producing cassava, beans, sunflowers, cotton, millet, sorghum, and potatoes.

Tororo has vast mineral deposits including limestone, the largest deposits of phosphorous in the world at Osukuru hills, and is also a leading cement producer in Uganda. The most spoken language is Jopadhola but other ethnic tribes in Tororo include the itesots, Basamia, Banyoles, and the Bagwere.

The historical Tororo rock is the second tallest volcanic plug in Africa, the first being in Nigeria and the third in South Africa. the large cave that is found at the start before hiking has several ancient caves with interesting paintings from a thousand years ago where people would go inside the caves to sacrifice and seek answers from their gods.

Traveling to Tororo is best by the road where you can pick a taxi or mini-bus and which takes around 3 hours on the way and the journey goes via Jinja, Iganga, and Bugiru tows. International tourists are advised to seek the services of a tour operator or hire a private vehicle to take them to and from Kampala and Entebbe Airport. Use of a tour operator gives an opportunity to stop at several sites like Mabira forest, Ssezibwa falls, and source of the Nile among others.


It seems to be so challenging but anyone who is mentally prepared can hike to the rock and season hikers see this as an easy adventure. Climbing can take almost 30-45minutes. While climbing the rock there are four ladders that were built to help climbers pass through the steepest section before reaching the top of the rock.

The hikers have to report to the quarters next to the only golf course in town where they will meet the guide who will be leading them to the top of the rock. the last time we climbed it was the best experience it being the first time it was challenging though with a determined mind we reached the top and with the help of our guide who was telling us stories of the rock, caves, difficulty in hiking plus the vegetation types at the top which made climbing easy because the guide was keeping our minds busy up to the top.

After reaching the top it was the best experience at the top because we were able to view the beautiful Tororo town, Lake Victoria, Mount Elgon, Kenya, the golf course, the old Railway station, Morikatipe prison, and Osukuru rocks. The best time to hike Tororo rock is early in the morning because it enables one to finish in time and with less heat from the sun.

Accommodation at Tororo is also available for those that would wish to spend a night or two in Tororo planning other activities.