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What to come with for trekking gorillas in Africa

Gorilla trekking is a wonderful activity that is done by most visitors both in Africa and from out outside Africa in European countries, Asian countries, and the American. This is because the gorilla trekking provides a unique experience to the visitors in a way that the gorilla takes themselves in the wild close to the behavior of human beings.

What you need to know as well is that the mountain gorillas do stay in the wind and they are amiable and gentle animals that behave like we humans, they are indeed unique attractions in the wildness.

Another reason why visitors come to tom Africa for gorilla tracking mostly is that it is only in Africa where you can find the endangered mountain gorillas in the whole world. The last gorilla population held in 2018 confirmed that only 1063 individual mountain gorillas have remained in the whole world and these are found in only 3 African countries.

Endangered mountain gorillas survive only in the wildness and they cannot survive or be kept in zoos as compared to Lowland gorillas which are commonly found in the zoos in the western part of Africa. When I talk of endangered mountains I mean the only mountain gorillas which found their habitat in the tropical rain forest of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Of these three countries, Uganda has got more than half of the endangered mountain gorillas and you will have to visit Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national park to see these mountain gorillas in Uganda. Meanwhile, in Rwanda, you will need to travel for only two hours from the capital Kigali to Volcanoes national park where the endangered mountain gorillas are found and lastly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you will need to find your ways to Virunga National Park of Congo to have a glance at the endangered mountain gorillas staying in Virunga National Park.

Endangered mountain gorillas in the wild stay together and live in different groups

which are managed by the dominant silverback that is responsible for the protection of the gorilla group or family and this shows their high level of organization when staying in their wildness. Because of these wonderful and endangered mountain gorillas in the above three countries mentioned above, gorillas trekking has become an important and avoidable activity by tourists coming to Africa to see these distinguished gorillas species.

Because of the popularity of these creatures, gorilla tracking in Africa has turned out to be an important safari activity that is expensive, which requires one to inject a lot in terms of money, energy, and passion to go to the wild and see the gorillas. You will need to make sure that you book your gorilla trekking activity early through the relevant authority in respective countries or through your local tour operator which must be done early enough in advance.

Booking for the gorilla trekking experience in Africa means that you will need to get the gorilla permit, you book the accommodation facility, transportation, and all the activities to have the wonderful gorilla trekking in Africa.

Yes, you will have prepared enough by making the bookings of all these essentials still you will need to get extra prepared since the gorilla trekking is a strenuous activity and offers the experience. Most of the visitors have been inquiring us of what things they should come with or what you pack while coming to Africa for gorilla trekking activity such that they can get sufficiently ready for this good gorilla trekking.

Some of the visitors have come to Africa to see the gorillas bit without the clear protective and clothing gears some with not recommended clothes and therefore, today in this article we have decided to reply you with the right items that you should come with to Africa to see the endangered mountain gorillas within the wild. You should make sure that these items do not miss your bucket list for gorilla trekking in Africa.

African gorilla trekking comes with rules and regulations that you must follow when coming to Africa to see the gorillas, almost all the gorillas in the three African countries are found in mountainous areas and in high altitudes whereby you need to hike to higher altitudes and thus at times you will need to hire the porters who are available in the nearby villages. Visitors coming to Africa as well have combined the gorilla trekking with other wildlife safaris offered on the African soil.

What you should come with or park for your African gorilla trekking safari?

Coming with gorilla permits and passport for the African gorilla trekking: Visitors will need to come with the gorilla permits which they ought to book in advance. It is a must to have a gorilla permit and identification documents to see the gorillas in Africa, you will present these documents to the relevant authorities within the park to be allowed to see the gorillas. Make sure that all of your documents are valid and make sure that you have been fully vaccinated with covid19 and yellow fever and present a card to confirm that you have been fully vaccinated.

Coming with the hiking boots for your African gorilla trekking safari:

  while considering and packing your bag to come to Africa to see the gorillas, you should think, about hiking boots covering your feet well and comfortably for you to stabilize on the ground. Having the hiking boots will help you to move gently in the hilly areas and will help you to continue moving even if it does rain. Having poor shoes may end up injuring you as the trails used for the gorilla trekking in the forests may be slippery or get muddy especially during the wet season and thus you need to be carefully equipped.

 Coming with clothing for your Africa gorilla trekking safari:

 the closing for gorilla trekking in Africa must be extremely unique and you should consider packing the waterproof jackets, long stockings, long-sleeved trousers, and shirts mentioned. These are important in protecting you from scratches from tree branches, the biting from the insects, and this good clothing will be of great help for you during African gorilla trekking. You should make sure that your trouser is well fitted into the hiking shoes to avoid insect biting your legs and make sure you as well pack the leisure shorts that you will use while on the lake on when you finish the gorilla trekking and get back to your booked lodge on an African setting.

Coming with a rain jacket & sweaters for your Africa gorilla trekking safari:

African weather is very unpredictable and it can rain any time of the day since the gorilla trekking activity does take place with the tropical rain forest that modifies the rainfall within the area. Therefore, you should pack you’re rain jacket and sweaters that would keep you warm when it rains during the gorilla trekking safari in Africa and therefore you should not leave it out even if it is during the dry season. Even if it doesn’t rain, the gorilla trekking does happen early in the morning in the forest and thus the forest in the morning releases moist and water droplets especially in Mgahinga gorilla National park in Kisoro and Volcanoes national park in Gisenyi Rwanda.

Come with the garden gloves for your African gorilla trekking safari:

The gloves are crucial in protecting the trekkers especially from the tree branches and insects from coming close to your body. As you hiking or searching for their gorillas in Africa, you will be sometimes tempted to touch the sides of trees and glasses which might be dirty and thus you need to be having gloves to keep you safe and clean and this is very interesting.

Coming with binoculars for your African gorilla trekking safari:

The areas where the endangered mountain gorillas live in Africa there other creatures which you can see and you might need binoculars to see these creatures. Some of these creatures include the buffaloes, you have bird species, and chimpanzees above within the trees. With these wonderful binoculars, you will have good clear views of these creatures either as your going to search the gorillas in the forest on your return from the forest for the gorillas. And thus this is very important.

Therefore there are a lot of activities that you can come with and enjoy the wonderful gorilla trekking safaris that will be able to see and enjoy the better gorilla trekking safaris.