What to do in Murchison Falls National park

What to do in Murchison Falls National park?

What to do in Murchison Falls National park? Yes a number of activities can be done in the park. These include, hiking to the top of the falls, game drives, boat cruise and sport fishing.

Visits to the top of Murchison falls 

Most of the visitors visiting Murchison falls national park are mostly interested in visiting the top of the Murchison falls. The falls were formed as the result of the river Nile squeezing through the narrow gorge on its way to the Mediterranean Sea. Murchison falls is one of the spectacular and most powerful falls in the whole world putting aside the Victoria Falls. Visits to the top of the falls in Murchison Falls National park will make the visitors feel, enjoy, and hear the thunderous boom of River Nile plunging via the 6 narrow gorges. This amazing site can be accessed by using a 4wheel drive vehicle but it is more adventurous and interesting when you hike or climb it after a launch trip via Fanjao gorge and through here you will need a ranger guide to accompany you.

Here you expect to see a rainbow formed as the result of the falls mists and clear sunshine and this forms some of the surprising moments to the travelers. The site provides opportunities for photography and it would be a big miss if you visit this site without a clear camera. From this site, a downward trail leads you to a sizable Uhuru Falls just before you’re welcomed by the spectacular views of giant Murchison Falls where you will be enticed by “a crocodile bars” where crocodiles gather waiting for their prey such as animals and fish. All types of Nile crocodiles in different sizes will be present waiting quietly for their delicious victims.

Game drives safaris

This is one of the most adorable activities done in Murchison falls national park. Visitors alone or accompanied by park guides is an interactive activity with guides directing the visitors on the correct trails to take for visitors to encounter different wildlife. The trails for game drives are well demarcated for particularly in the northern part of the river Nile banks. Game drives in Murchison Falls National park can be done by the use of a 4 wheel drive vehicle with an open roof to allow you even stand and see the wild animals. The car should as well be served with windows and better be close to the window side to see the wondering animals in the Savanah grasslands.

The game drive safaris re Murchison Falls National park takes approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on the clients’ interests and time to be in the park. While on your game drive safari, you will encounter animals, primates, birds, and reptiles. You will be rest assured to see animals such as buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, leopards, hyenas, warthogs, Uganda kobs, bushbucks, hartebeest, and others. Primates to watch on game drive safari include baboons, vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, and Chimpanzees which can be spotted ion Budongo forests.  Further, you will encounter reptiles on game drives in Murchison falls National Park including monitor lizard, python, Snakes and sever others.

Visitors can also engage in night game drives which last for 2 hours. The night game drives offer visitors a greater opportunity to spot the predator animals which are rarely seen during the day or morning game drives. Cuts or predators such as lions, leopards, and hyenas can easily be spotted during the night. The ranger guides will mover with a gun and a spotlight such can any event during the night is effectively captured. Remember to follow the guide’s guidelines during the activity of game drives.

Nile Boat trips safaris

Nile boat trips on the river Nile is one of the exciting activities that can be done by visitors visiting Murchison falls national park. The Nile boat tribe takes place at the bottom of the Murchison falls and gives a memorable encounter with water, animals, and great bird species in addition to photographic sceneries. Travelers will get an opportunity to see animals coming for water and those residing in water including crocodiles, hippopotamus, elephants, buffaloes, and birds targeting fish from the water. Some of the birds include cormorants, pied kingfisher, and several others. The captain with a cruise up to the bottom of the falls for visitors to hike up the high-level ground.

Visitors can also take a boat trip safari to the Nile delta. This is where the river Nile linkup with Lake Albert. This is a furthered extension of a normal boat ride. It is quite a long activity you will spend over 5 hours on the water as you’re excited with several bird species. You will cruise until you enter Lake Albert waters. It presents a great chance to encounter a high concentration of animals gathering for water and a must to see the shoebill since this of Nile delta harbors most of the shoebill species.

There are only two boat trips a day done at Murchison falls national park that is the morning boat drive that starts at 9 pm and the evening boat cruise that begins at 2 pm. There are also options for one to rent a boat trip for leisure at your convenience. A boat cruise via the Nile delta is highly recommended for birders.

Sport fishing safaris

 Spot fishing as a tourist activity in Murchison falls national can only be done by visitors who have fully obtained a license from the Uganda wildlife Authority. You can obtain this license through a recognized tour operator. Sport fishing is usually done just below the waterfalls and visitors will have the opportunity to sport fish and catch several fish-type species. A huge Nile perch weighing up to 108kilogrames can be fished here. Other fish include tiger and tilapia fish. Sport fishing activity can also be done at Karuma falls and you need to carry your fishing gear purposely for this activity. Sport fishing safaris in Murchison falls national park can be combined with wildlife game drives and other safari purchases like boat trip safari.

Chimpanzee tracking safaris

Chimpanzee tracking in Murchison falls national park is done be done in Budongo forest reserve (Kaniyo Pabidi forest reserve) situated in the southern part of Murchison falls national park. The forested areas harbor several primate species such as baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, and about 850 chimpanzees and this makes it possible for tourists visiting Murchison falls national park to participate still in chimpanzees tracking. Chimpanzee tracking activity in Murchison Falls National park is done very early in the morning starting at 8 pm and can even last for 6 hours depending on the where the chimpanzee being trekked is located. Once the group of chimpanzees being allocated is spotted, visitors will be assigned only one hour to interact with it, you can take photos, and ask all questions you need to know about the chimpanzees.

There are high chances of seeing chimpanzees because of their availability however it is important to note that chimpanzee trekking in Kaniyo Pabidi in Murchison falls national park can be best done during the dry season which is usually in may up to Augusts. On your chimpanzee trekking safaris, you will be able to be encounter different species of birds and other primates. You can as well stay longer with chimpanzees by arranging or engaging in chimpanzee habituation safaris where you will spend much time with chimpanzees in Budongo forest reserve.

Birding safaris

Murchison falls National Park is an interesting destination for bird lovers. According to the African bird Guide, Murchison falls is listed as the best number 9 destination for birding safaris in Africa featuring over 450 species of unique birds. Bird watching safaris in Murchison falls national can be done during game drives and when taking a boat ride on river Nile with the guidance of a ranger guide. Murchison falls national park has several habitats for birds including savannah grassland birds, forest birds, and water birds, and therefore as the visitors on Murchison safari you are expected to encounter all of the categories of bird species.

Tracing and finding bird species in Murchison falls national is very easy because of several grasslands. The most common bird species encountered in Murchison falls national park include Grey, Egyptian ducks, Great egrets, Little egrets, Red Throated Bee Eater, Yellow-Billed Stork,a  Squacco Heron, Spur Winged geese, secretary bird, giant kingfisher, long-toed plover, Rock Pantincole, Spotted Mourning Trush, Black Headed Batis, Long Tailed Knight jar, Martial Eagle, Grey Crowned cranes, White African Fish eagle, Black-headed Gonolek, Abdims Stork, African Jacana, the Shoebill among very many species.

Cultural safaris

 Visitors visiting Murchison falls national park will get a chance to enhance their cultural experience through visiting the Boomu cultural group/village. This activity can be arranged for hours or a day for visitors to interact with Boomu women groups who arrange accommodations and deal with local art. You will take a village tour as you learn the local people’s ways of life, such as family, traditional food preparation that you can taste, and practical skills of mats and baskets weaving. Deepening on your interests, you can spend a night in the local community as you fully immerse yourself in the local culture. People are so friendly and hospitable willing to teach about the history and culture of the visited village.

Guided nature walks safaris

Forest natalure walks Safaris can be done in Budongo and Kaniyo Pabidi forest reserve in the south of the park. The forests harbor different species such as animal and bird species which you can explore during forest or nature walk safaris in Murchison falls national park. You will encounter primates such as red-tailed monkeys, baboons, and intelligent chimpanzees. A professional guide well conversant with bird species, animal species, and trails are required for you to have successful and remarkable forests and nature walks in Murchison falls National Park.

Hot air balloon safaris

Murchison galls is the only park in Uganda where hot air balloons safaris are being carried out. Visitors can go and participate in this safaris with ease.  The activity is usually done in the morning after inflating the balloon and once the visitors were well briefed especially about the safety measures. With this activity, travelers can move around the park, take photos of different animals or areas of interest while they are above the ground.  Tourists will spend a full one hour in the air as they enjoy large herds of buffaloes, elephants, and several antelopes. Tourists can enjoy more animamapals than normal game drives animals. Travelers are awarded a certificate of participation at the end of this safari activity,  Uganda Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for the supervision of the activity and Dream Balloons is the company running this safari in Murchison falls National park