Murchison Falls National Park

2 Day budget safari to the mighty Murchison Falls National Park

While in Uganda and possibly in the world, you will be of the best places for the packed with wildlife’s and adventure safari activities and this Murchison falls national park. Murchison falls national park presents a lot of opportunities to visitors to engage in various safari activities. The major activities conducted in Murchison falls national park are the open grassland game drives where you will be able to see a lot of wildlife species such the big 4 animals including lions, buffaloes, leopards  and  elephant

The other animals species that you can explore on your open savannah plain game drives in Murchison falls national park include the hippos, various species of birds, giraffes, several antelopes,  spotted hyenas and the prominent shoebill bird.  The park also presented the opportunities to the visitors to enjoy the hiking on top of the falls, as well as taking the safari game drives to either the bottom of the falls or to the Nile delta where you will encounter a lot of animal’s species. Other activities that you can do in Murchison falls National Park include the hot airballon safaris  giving you an opportunity to views the  Murchison falls game  from air and this is also a wonderful safari experience.

In case you have the three day on Uganda then you need not to look to any pothers safari destination but explore the Uganda Murchison falls national park. You will not regret by spending the two days in the Uganda biggest and the most visited national park the safari that will be characterized by a lot of the fascinating views that visitors will not forget.

As you start you day one safari to Murchison falls National Park in the morning as you picked by our safari company geode and this starts early in the morning at around 6 am. Our safari guide will be kin the 4wheel drive supper custom vehicle and then from your hotel you will depart to Murchison fall national park  through Luwero and drive till you get to the fabulous park a. this journey will ;last for a about 5 hours. It is an interesting journey fill of country side views of the markets an before you arrive at Murchison falls national park and after her, you will get into the park and therefore after you will cross river nile using the ferry.  Thanks to the government of Uganda abridge has been constructed linking the two parts of the park.

By crossing the Nile River, you will now be in the wild animal’s comfort zones with the highest concentration of a cats in the part of the park. Here you will now be welcomes by the friendliest staff at your accommodation at Fort Murchison lodge which overlook the mighty Murchison Falls National Park. The fort Murchison lodge provides the better accommodation facilities to the visitors who have travelled to Murchison falls national park on budget. It serves visitors on the three meal course and on full board and you will all the services present at the lodge. By finishing your lunch as you overlook the Nile views. You can decide now to take the boat ride in the afternoon at the Nile and this will go up to the bottom of the falls. The boat ride takes about three hours and after this boat, you will return to your lodge and relax.

The boat cruised will be the joyful moments for your Murchison falls safari as you will take some good pictures of the various wildlife found alongside the river Nile and other aquatic animals that you will encounter. Some of the animals that you will encounter here include the buffaloes, crocodiles, hippos and several various species of birds. You will continue of the ride close to the thunderous waterfall as the guide explains to you the origin, history and the formation of these water falls.

On your second day of the your Murchison falls national park safari,  you will wake up very early and now have the safaris game drive through the savannah grassland to watch different game such as the giraffes, the prides of lion,  and several antelopes. These will be Cleary seen through your popup vehicle drive as well taking the photograph. The game drive safaris in Murchison falls national park can be easily seen through your popup vehicle and the ranger guide will help you to engage and interpret all the activities for you and animals that you will come across in the field.

Most of the visitors find joy after taking the game river safaris in savannah grassland at least and they find such day so special and after the wonderful game drive, you will then drive back to Kampala at your place where our driver picked you from the beginning and this we hope that you have got a wonderful safari experience which is very interesting