How to access Akagera National Park in Rwanda

How to access Akagera National Park in Rwanda?

How to access Akagera National Park in Rwanda? The park is situated in the eastern part of Rwanda and alongside the border with the Republic of Tanzania, it is a Savanah park covering. Akagera national park was named after the River Akagera which flows along the Eastern side of Rwanda’s boundary with Tanzania. Still, river Akagera feeds Lake Ihema and other small lakes situated within and around Akagera National Park park such as Lake Muhindi, Shakani among others. The various water bodies coupled with several savannah grassland land plains, forested areas, and rolling hills have made Akagera national park habitat for various wild animals which have made the park famous for game drives in Rwanda

How to access Akagera National Park By road transport:  Visitors accessing Akagera National Park using road Transport can be driven from Kigali through Rwamanga town and then proceed to the national park while enjoying beautiful views around them. It will take visitors about three hours while driving on a well-tarmacked road from Kigali Capital City. Visitors commencing the journey from Wamagana or Kibungo can move for only one hour before reaching the Akagera National Park. The 27km road leading to the park entrance from the main road is dusty though passable by vehicles even in the rainy period. The roads inside the park are not as good as those leading to the gate and will require a good 4 Wheel drive car, especially during the rainy is always advisable that you book your safaris by using the services of a local experienced tour company or travel operator like Vibrant Holiday Safaris that will help you book accommodation, transportation, and all the safari activities to avoid being inconvenienced.

How to access Akagera National Park By Air transport: Visitors can access Akagera National Park through flights organized by Akagera aviation which organizes domestic and charter flights for tourists to other national parks around Rwanda.