Mgahinga gorilla national park

What to follow when tracking Mgahinga gorillas- Cautions and rules for gorilla tracking

Mgahinga gorilla national park is found in southwestern part of Uganda and it popular for attracting large following of tourists because of its gorilla-related activities that do take place within the park. Gorilla tracking is the main activity being done in Mgahinga although visitors will as well be welcomed by other wonderful features or creatures within the park and boundaries.

Gorilla tracking is the sensitive activity that requires the participant to be so much vigilant about the activity and what best they can do to have the best experience when visiting these gorillas. due to the demand of the gorillas tracking at activity in Mgahinga gorilla par, we have decide at Vibrant holiday safaris to come up with special gorilla tracking safaris to our visitors who interested in knowing and seeing these wonderful species.

Mgahinga national park features only one gorilla tracking family called Nyakagezi gorilla family that is filly habituated and thus visitors are allowed to see it for only one hour. In Uganda, because of conservation efforts and sustainably protecting the endangered mountain gorillas, only 8 people are supposed to visit Mgahinga for gorilla tracking per day.

Considering the gorilla permits, this means that there are only 8 gorilla permits that are available  in Mgahinga park for visitors to book and this is the reason as to why sometimes we say that the visitors should book their Mgahinga gorilla tracking permit early because they are small and are highly competitive. The only gorilla family is Mgahinga is called Nayakagezi gorilla family and tour will see it with your eyes once you have booked our vibrant holiday safaris gorilla tracking tips.

We might say to our guest across the world that you’re lucky because we organize for you tailor made gorilla safaris when you immediately book with us using the available website and contact us through our social media platforms. We organize the inclusive gorilla package that combine, your transportation in Uganda, lodges where you will stay in Mgahinga while tracking the gorillas, the gorilla trekking permit and all travel related activity and consultancy assistance that you may need.

Due to the fragility of the endangered mountain gorillas, has put in place the strict rules and regulations aimed to protecting and conserving these endangered mountain gorillas and therefore, all visitors who are interested in visiting Mgahinga national park to engage and see the gorillas must observed these rules when in the park tracking the gorillas or even after the experience where possible.

Thus, this is all what you have to follow when you’re doing gorilla tracking in Mgahinga national park western part of Uganda.

  • Guests are required to maintain the distances of five meters when they see the gorillas in the forest. This is done to protect both the guests and the gorilla health wise or physical wise.
  • Since guest usually go for gorilla tracking in a group, you’re requested not to surround the gorillas after seeing them but rather you must remain in your group for easy experience and visibility.
  • Guest are allowed to move with gadgets such as cameras and phones for taking photos and recording small videos of the gorillas in the wildness however, you must make sure that you don’t you flash when taking photos as this might irritate the gorillas
  • Since gorillas are affected by the communicable diseases and the current COVID-19, guest who have these disease are not allowed to track Mgahinga gorillas. Disease such as flue and diarrhea endanger the availability of the gorillas.
  • Littering while in Mgahinga national park is highly prohibited, however, you should use the designated rubbish bins in the park to drop off your litter.
  • In case any guest wants to ease him or herself through sneezing or coughing, make sure you over your mouth and nose with health cloth and turn behind and do this but not in front of the gorillas.
  • Gorilla tracking is allowed to visitors or guests who are 15 years of age and above since the young guest or children are not easy in enforcing these rules and regulations
  • Guests are also requested not to make noise when they are in the jungle tracking the gorillas or making abrupt movements just follow all what your guide is telling you
  • In case, any guests wants to go for along call while tracking the gorillas, the guide will direct you where to go but the human waste is buried in a pit equivalent to thirty centimeters deep.
  • While you have seen the gorillas, you will spend only one hours with them and once the hour is done, you will travel back to where you have started the experience from.

It is only at Vibrant Holiday safari, where you will find only this information. Remember that before the gorilla tracking activity in Mgahinga kicks off, all these above mentioned rules and regulations to be followed when tracking, will be read to you by the guide during briefing that is done early in the morning at the Mgahinga gorilla National Park headquarters and you’re requested to follow these rules and regulations.