Tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National park

What to see in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

What to see in Queen Elizabeth National Park? Travelers who visit the park can see tree climbing lions, Kazinga channel, Katwe salt and Kyambura gorge.

Tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National park:   Queen Elizabeth national park is the only park in Uganda where you can go and spot tree climbing. These lions are different from those you usually see televised on televisions and screens. You will have to see them in tree up as you advance to the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. They will climb tree branches as they relax and wait for their prey in form of antelopes, buffaloes, and others. These are unique and they poetry the real picture of the king of the jungle. Visitors to Africa have always wondered how lions climb trees and this has made them include Queen Elizabeth National Park on their itinerary to spot these Lions.

Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park: This is one of the magical scenery spots of Queen Elizabeth National Park as elaborated by different visitors on their reviews. Kazinga channel is the water body channel that connects both Lake George and Lake Kyoga. The channel is a collection point for most of the wildlife during the park and it’s where the boat cruise trips take place. Most animals such as buffaloes, elephants, and crocodiles can be seen on the channel. Kazinga channel is the highest concentration of hippopotamus in the whole of East Africa. You can as well encounter a collection of bird species while on your boat cruise at the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Katwe salts lake activities in Queen Elizabeth National park: This is one of the caterer drives by tourists. Lake Katwe is situated in the Northwestern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park just t north of Mweya peninsular. Salt mining activity goes on at both lakes and you can also see the Germany factory and why it halted operations. Do you know that salt mining is as well done mostly by women who come and explore the salt mining process at these crater lakes which were formed as a result of volcanic activities?

Kyambura gorge escarpments in Queen Elizabeth National Park: This is one of the most amazing interesting features that you don’t need to skip when you visit Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kyambura gorge is over 100 meters high and it was shaped by the waters of the Kyambura River. Kyambura escarpment is covered with forests and it has got several primates including chimpanzees that are of interest to travelers.  A stay at Kyambura escarpment lodges offers a wide view of Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

Wildlife species: There are a lot of mammals in Queen Elizabeth National park is home to over 95 mammals’ species which include bats, buffaloes, reptiles, and over 3000 Hippopotamus, about 2000 buffaloes, about 4000 elephants species

Coffee plantations in Queen Elizabeth National Park; these are farms that are interesting to the visitors.  Women farmers have made associations for coffee growers which is aimed at producing large volumes of coffee for both local and market export.  A tour of coffee plantation grow will expose you to coffee processing from planting up to harvesting.

Other tourist attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park include Lake Edward and George, local communities especially the fishing villages in the park such as Kasenyi, Hamkung, Kahendero, Katungulu, Katwe among others.  You just need to come and explore Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Medley of wonders.