birds in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

What to see in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park

What to see in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park? If you are planning to visit this national park, expect to encounter unique bird species, lakes , glaciers among others.

Vegetation in Rwenzori Mountain national park

The vegetation of Rwenzori mountains national park is very attractive to visitors climbing the various peaks of the Rwenzori. Visitors always pass through different altitude vegetation zones ranging from tropical rain forests, montane vegetation, tree heathier, Afro-Alpine, and bamboo the afro-alpine vegetation features symbolic forms of groundsels and lobelia which is one of the most attractive botanical vegetation only endemic to the mountain above 3800meters in East Africa.

Wildlife species in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

 Wildlife species in Rwenzori national is park is another attraction that visitors can see while on their safaris to Rwenzori National Park.The park shelters over 70 species of mammals which you can see when you visit this park. Most of the species that you will not miss in Rwenzori Mountains National Park include elephants, Rwenzori otter bushbuck, giant forest hog, buffaloes, leopards, and primates such as chimpanzees and white colobus monkey, and the rare three-horned chameleon. Visitors will have to see these animals on their adventure tours to Mountain Rwenzori National Park.

Magnificent snow peaks in Rwenzori mountains National Park

There are 6 mountain Rwenzori ranges which provide a scenic visit to tourists and have become one of the attractions that most visitors would like to see whenever they visit this park. Ranges such Stanley, Spetke and Baker are snow-capped and visitors can access them through the central circuit hiking and following the Kilembe trails.

Birds in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Over 217 bird species are recorded in Rwenzori Mountain national park. Most of these birds stay in the forested areas adjacent to the park boundary.  They include Rwenzori turaco,  Rwenzori Batis, Handsome Francolin,  Flycatchers, crimson Wings, Apalises, Bee-Eater, blue-headed sunbird, greenbuls, Long-eared owl, Archers’ Robin-chat, Lagden’s Bush-Shrike, Blue-headed, and Golden-winged sunbird among others.

Lakes in Rwenzori Mountains National park

Mountain Rwenzori features over 19 lakes which you can explore when on your climbing adventure safaris in mountain Rwenzori. These include Mahoma Lake in the center of central forests with different birding species, Lake Bajuku situated at peak shadow of Speke Stanley, and Baker mountain rangers among other beautiful lakes both on upper part and foothills of the mountain Rwenzori.

Other attractions that you can see while visiting Rwenzori Mountains National park include houses, the land of triffids, and Ruboni Ruboni trail head attractions.