Accommodation Kidepo Valley National park

Where to stay at Kidepo Valley National park?

Where to stay at Kidepo Valley National park? Accommodation facilities form part of the tourist’s integrated experience at the destination and therefore without proper accommodation facilities, tourists still would not possibly enjoy and where possible not participate in tourism experience in the wild.  There are not as many accommodation facilities in Kidepo valley national park as those present in other parks in Uganda. But the due increase in the number of tourists visiting this park, there has been an increase of private individuals trying to invest in the hospitality sector around the park by setting up lodges, hotels as well as campsites for the visitors. You should book your accommodation as early as possible because of the limited number of accommodation facilities.

Accommodation facilities are grouped into luxury, mid-range, and budget accommodation facilities. The choice of accommodation type depends on your budget. All the accommodation facilities are strategically located providing overlooks to the magnificence Kidepo Valley National Park. These are some of the accommodation facilities in and around Kidepo valley National park situated in the northeastern part of Uganda.

Apoka safari lodge

This is one of the luxury accommodation facility situated within Kidepo valley. The lodge is strategically located overlooking the Narus valley river which a bit distance. The services are standardized and the rooms feature well sufficient furnished beds that make you comfortable. There ten rooms that are of high-end market with, four twin rooms, and 6 double rooms for two visitors each. The lodge high-class services like a well-stocked bar, laundry services, restaurant services offering a three-meal course, an ample swimming pool. There is a supply of electricity and solar power to ensure you’re in all light all day around. Apoka safari lodge still operates chartered flights from Entebbe international airport to Kidepo valley National park

The lodge has ten luxury lodges 10 luxurious lodges, four twin bedrooms that can accommodate 2 or 4 visitors, and six double rooms accommodating 2 people each. Apoka Lodge offers facilities include laundry services, well-stocked, power or electricity supply, a swimming pool designed in a big rock and spa, and a well-designed sitting room.

Adere safari lodge

This one of the newly established luxury lodge in Kidepo valley National park .it’s just a few meters away from the Kidepo gate and it offers seventeen cottages for both single and double rooms well made in natural wood. The lodge contains amenities and facilities such as a bathroom with a big size tap, flushing toilets, a swimming pool, a sizable football pitch, and very many others.

Kidepo savannah lodge

This one is a mid-range accommodation facility situated at the edge of the park at Kawalokol hill offering magnificent views of Narus valley. It’s just only 500 meters away from the Kidepo national park gate of Kalokudo. Travelers residing at this lodge will be excited by the variety of species they can spot in the park such as hyenas, zebras, lions, leopards among others.

The lodge has also simple tents that can be arranged for budget travelers. While in the lodge, tourists can spot the beautiful hills on the border with South Sudan, the Morungole Mountains, and Narus valley from outside their tent or lodge area. The Ik people and Karamojong live nearby and can be visited on arrangement.  Food and cold drinks are served at the bar and restaurant while laundry services can be requested at any time.  The lodge hires out cars, has a large parking space with security personnel. The lodge has over 10 safari tents, 9 self-contained tents for budget travelers, and other services such as a restaurant bar, ample lounge, and others.

Other facilities include a spacious plunge for relaxation, a well-stocked bar with cold drinks and warms ones, restaurant services serving both local and international cuisines

Nga’Moru Apoka Rest Camp

This is a budget accommodation facility located just four kilometers from Katarum park gate. It is relatively cheaper to stay here because the lodge is owned by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The camp has 14 Bandas and 16 self-contained chalets.  The Bandas have limited facilities and are designed for low budget travelers or backpackers.  There are also three safari tents with at least three beds with en-suite bathroom and other amenities. There is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a nice looking bar with all the beautiful drinks. You can come with your tent or hire one from the headquarters.

Apoka rest camp features 16 chalets with a bathroom and a clean toilet. The beds available vary depending on Single and double. There are also chances of you getting cheaper accommodation facilities with the availability of 14 Bandas that are non-self-contained that can be got from outside. Services such electricity supply is available in the chalets

Wilderness Camp

By its name, Nga’moru means the areas full of rocks. This camp provides accommodation mid-range rooms that are in form of tented camps but focusing on quality. It is an amid-range accommodation facility. Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp overlooks also faces the Narus Valley of the park offering delightful views of the animals feeding and drinking water at river Narus. A campfire is usually set in the evening to allow guests to mingle and enjoy the beautiful Karimojong culture.  There ample space ace and laundry services provided by the lodge.