Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge

Where to stay at the Rwenzori Mountains National Park?

Where to stay at the Rwenzori Mountains National Park? There are various accommodation facilities around Ruwenzori mountains national park where you can stay comfortable as you enjoy your adventure activities within this park. The accommodating facilities range from camps, budget, and midrange and to high-end or upmarket accommodation facilities. These accommodation activities are described here below as;

Luxury accommodation facilities at Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Equator Snow Lodge: This is one of the few upmarket accommodation facilities build up on the foothills of Mount Rwenzori just adjacent to Nyakalengija park gate with the sound of water flowing in river Nyamwamba. The lodge offers services to visitors who are interested in high end and luxurious services. The self-contained cottages were built with white rocks from the river Nyamwamba and the area offers an afire place to keep the visitors warm. The lodges feature 16 beds with single and double occupancy. The accommodation facilities at this lodge include a restaurant with6 an exciting dining area, a lounge, and a bar

Hotel Margherita: This is located a few meters away from the town of Kasese near Queen Elizabeth National park and at the foot of mountain Rwenzori offering the beautiful sceneries of vast forests and mountains. Hotel Margherita provides standers facilities with 36 rooms categorized as executive suits, double, single, and simple rooms. The hotel also features a whole apartment that can accommodate five visitors preferably a family or a group. The hotel rooms are well made and are served with televisions, air conditioners, fridges among others. There is a bar and restaurant for visitors, conference room facilities, table tennis, complete gardens for golfers, and birders to enjoy, the conference halls can accommodate up to 300 participants.

Midrange accommodation facilities at Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori international hotel: This is a hotel offering midrange accommodation facilities to visitors visiting the mountain Rwenzori National park. Visitors will move on three kilometers away from Kasese airstrip to access the hotel just near the foothills of Mountain Rwenzori. Rwenzori International Hotel features 35 rooms that are self-contained and have got ample space outside for tents. The hotel offers facilities such as a restaurant serving both local and international dishes, a reliable bar with all storks of beverages both cold and warm, a parking area, security, a well-equipped kitchen, dining areas, a lounge, DSTV services hot water facilities among others. There are a gym, sauna, and tennis court and big two seminar halls with each taking about 100 visitors among others.

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge: This is situated on the shores of Lake George near Queen Elizabeth6 National Park providing midrange accommodating facilities to visitors visiting both Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Accommodation facilities are in form of single, double and twin rooms. it features six cottages with facilities such as laundry, parking space, firefighting equipment, housekeeping, swimming pool, and beautiful views of Lake George.

Budget accommodation facilities at Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Tours Holiday Inn: This is located just near the park’s gate at Nyakalenjinja in Ibanda trading center. The torus holiday inn can accommodate up to forty visitors who can be accommodated in just 15 ensuite rooms with a large extension building. The tors holiday inn features facilities such as a garden, bar stoked with both soft and hard drinks, conference centers, all-time internet access, water heaters in each room, electricity, and private toilets.

Ruboni Community Camp village:  Ruboni community camp village is situated at the gateways of Rwenzori national Park and is really owned by local people who had lived around these areas close to 300 years ago. These majorly include Bakonjo who present this camp. This presents the starting areas for 2 night walks to the central circuit of the Rwenzori Mountains. The accommodation facility at Ruboni features six private rooms and 3 self-contained Bandas. The amenities here include a restaurant, solar-powered lights, a Balcony with a good view of mountains, small camping areas, and private rooms with mosquito nets and hot showers.

Rwenzori Backpackers: This is one of the budgetary accommodation facilities situated in the valley of Kyanjuki just near the Kilemebe trail only twelve kilometers away from the town of Kasese. Usually, visitors using the Kilemebre Hike trail are the ones commonly using this lodge. The lodge offers facilities such as restaurants, hot showers, a bar, beddings with mosquito nets among others. The accommodation facilities are provided in form of self-camping, single rooms, dormitories, and double rooms.

Mihunga Safari Lodge: This hotel is run by Rwenzori mountaineering services located just near Nyakalenjinja in Mihunga village providing a basement for trekking of mountain Rwenzoris highest peak Margherita through the Rwenzori circuit trail. The lodge features five en-suite wooden cottages with facilities such as restaurant and dining services, generators, hot water provision among others.

Rwenzori traveler’s inn: This is located in Fort portal and it offers better services for visitors on mountain Rwenzori adventure safaris. The hotel provides facilities such as parking, wedding reception, bar, restaurant, and satellite televisions. Rooms at the hotel are in form of double executive, twin executive, single room, double ordinary, and twin ordinary. The hotel also features conference halls with enough communication tools.

Rwenzori Turaco View Campsite: This is a community-run and locally owned budget hotel with a camping site and grass thatched rooms in Mihunga village. The facility has a bar and restaurant that prepares Ugandan food but also with the tastes of international visitors in mind.