What to see in Semuliki National Park

What to see in Semuliki National Park?

What to see in Semuliki National Park? There are unique attractions that one cannot miss while on a tour to Semuliki National park and theses attractions include the following;

Sempaya hot springs: The most unique attractions in Semuliki National Park is the Sempaya hot springs which have both male and female springs. Tourists on a tour to Semuliki national park find it interesting to visits these hot springs. The male hot spring is found in swampy areas and is known as Bintente while the female hot spring is known as Nyasimbi locally translated as female ancestors. The female hot spring is hotter than those at male hot spring. The hot spring is of cultural significance to the people staying around Semuliki National Park.

River Semuliki: River Semuliki in the Semuliki National Park is an important feature of interest that tourists visiting the park can see. The River Semuliki originates from the Rwenzori Mountains and runs to Lake Albert and finally joins the river Nile. The river stretches for about 160kilometers   and harbors very many wildlife species including hippopotamuses, crocodile’s which you can enjoy as you visit. The oldest wildlife reserve named Tororo wildlife reserve is in the closets of the Semuliki national park and tourists visiting Semuliki National Park can do chimpanzee tracking from here.

Wildlife in Semuliki National park: There are different wildlife species that tourists can see while visiting the Semuliki National Park. There is a road that runs via the forests which is crucial for the visitors to see the wildlife species. Some of the species include hippos, forest elephants, pottos, bushbabies crocodiles among others. Chimpanzees can also be seen as you drive through the forest.

Animals in Semuliki National Park

Semuliki national park harbors over 60 species which among others include hippopotamus, crocodiles, Chimpanzees, central African colobus monkey, including reptile and amphibians. 11 species of Mammals can only be found in Semuliki National Park which include target rat, bay duiker, pygmy antelope, elephants, bush babies, Uganda kobs, flying squirrel, Mona monkey, forest buffaloes, and water chevrotain.

Birds in Semuliki National Park

There are over 441 recorders of bird species in Semuliki National park and this has made it the best birding destination for birders. There are also over 45 bird species of Congo origin that you can encounter. The other bird species include African Goshawk, Ayres, Piping Hornbill, Maxwell black weaver, forest thrushes, Eastern Bearded Greenbuls, Red-eyed Puff- back, Red-billed Dwarf, western Bronze-napped Pigeon, Red-Chested Owlet, Forest Francolin, yellow Throated Nicator, Nkulengu Rail, Blue Billed Malimbe, Gaboon, woodpecker, Black Winged Starling.