How to Access Mount Elgon National Park

How to Access Mount Elgon National Park?

How to Access Mount Elgon National Park? Travelers can get to the park by using both Road transport and Air Transport for tourism activities.

Historically mountain Elgon National park was first gazetted as a forest reserve in 1929 by Uganda colonial administration and since then it has been elevated until 1992 when it was declared as a national park.

Bagisu and the Sabiny are the main tribes of people that reside around the park practicing agricultural activities. Mainly Arabic coffee plantations are being grown since there is a presence of volcanic soils especially on the lower sides of the Mountain Elgon. On the uppermost of the mountain, the place was reserved for wildlife protection and this is done with coordination of Uganda Wildlife Authority and the local community members, and Kenya Wildlife Services. The Uganda Wildlife offices handling Mount Elgon national park are located in Mbale Town along Masaba road.

How to Access Mount Elgon National Park By road

Mount Elgon National Park is about 230 kilometers away from Kampala city as you bypassing Jinja, Mbale, and Kapchorwa. Roads connecting from Mbale to Mountain Elgon National park are a bit dirty and dusty but passable and they lead you to different trails that you can use to explore mountain Elgon up to its highest peak Wagagai.

Tourists can use their private cars to drive from Kampala via Jinja, Iganga, Mbale, and finally to their destination Mountain Elgon National Park. This journey here lasts for about ten hours’ drive including hotel or airport transfers. Tourists will get an amazing opportunity to make different stopovers and especially visits the source of the Nile, the new river Nile Bridge among other interesting destinations on your way to Mount Elgon national park.

How to Access Mount Elgon National Park by Air transport

Tourists can as well opt to book for the chattered flights from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airfield to Soroti airstrip and then drive for one hour to mountain Elgon National park. You can as well fly to Kisumu airport and then drive for just 50 minutes to Mountain Elgon National Park. Kisumu airport is the only airport near the park and you can take only 1 hour and fifteen minutes to reach Kisumu airport. From Entebbe International Airport, Air Kenya Express operates flights from Entebbe to Kisumu airport.